Cranberry Isles: Archery deer season began Sept. 12 

Greetings from the Cranberry islands where each season has its own unique beauty. Early autumn, with its bright blue skies, fluffy clouds, cool breezes and sparkling water is no exception. Usually, after Labor Day, island population decreases quickly. However, this year, many residents have chosen to delay their departure. Happily, the end of the week featured that gorgeous autumn weather and the festival feel of summer remains 

Hosting family on the island is another summer delight. On Saturday, Jeri and Ted Spurling’s 2-year-old grandson Johan Goettsche Spurling was spotted trekking up the dock ahead of his grandmother, blond curls bouncing under his summer hat. 

Despite the unofficial extension of summer, several island shops are closing soon for the season. Both Winter’s Work and Islesford Pottery had their last open day of the season on Wed., Sept. 16. However, you can find links to Islesford Pottery and others at Marian Baker’s website, 

The Islesford Dock Restaurant will be closing for the season on Sun., Sept 20. So, you still have a few days to sample unique, superb cuisine and gorgeous sunsets from the dock 

On Great Cranberry, Laurie Dobson would like everyone to know she’s offering 50 percent split for consignment items at her fascinating Boathouse Antiques and More shop. She invites everyone to come by or call 602-8050 

Katelyn Damon reminds residents that expanded archery deer season started on Sept. 12 and runs until Dec. 12. Please remember orange kerchiefs, vests and dog collars when you walk in the woods.  

Happy birthday to Brenna SullivanBuzzy Day and Leslie Horvath on Sept. 17. Also, on Sept. 17, happy anniversary to Giddy and Steve Akers. Happy birthday on Sept. 18 to Nicko Hadlock. Happy birthday to Elizabeth Grace Weed on Sept. 20. On Sept. 21, happy birthday to Joanne Thormann and Paul Rancourt. Happy anniversary to Nancy Savage and Jay Soukup, and happy birthday to Acadia Gribble and Kevin Rancourt on Sept. 22. Happy anniversary to Cory and Cari Alley on Sept. 23. Also on September 23, happy birthday to Abe PhilbrookWyatt James WestphalEthan McKelvin and Barbara Ware 

“To give real service, you must add something, which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”   – Douglas Adams 

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