Cranberries awarded for report

BAR HARBOR — The town of Cranberry Isles is the winner of the 2014 Supreme Award for the design, layout and content of their annual municipal report.

The Maine Municipal Association (MMA) will present the award to town officials at their 78th annual convention on Wednesday, Oct. 1, in Augusta.

Cranberry Isles board of selectmen chairman Richard Beal said that it was an honor to be recognized for the report. The document is the result of a collaborative effort from many in the town, including residents, officials and staff, he said.

“It’s more than just a town report, it is a community report, is the way I look at it,” Beal said. “We’ve reached out to so many in the community, and they’ve been participating. It’s not just two or three people that operate the town on behalf of the voters, it’s actually the voters that come together and put together this report.”

The Town of Cranberry Isles is comprised of Great Cranberry, Little Cranberry (Islesford), Sutton, Baker and Bear islands and has a total population of 119 people. The annual report includes all necessary municipal information, plus narrative reports from many segments of town, including those from Cranberry Isles rescue service chief Katelyn Damon, animal control officer Cari Alley and harbormasters Norman Sanborn and Bruce Fernald.

The report also includes many photographs, again contributed by both officials and residents, which offer views of different angles of island life.

Nan Hadlock and town clerk Denise McCormick work in the town office to put the final report together, Beal said, and deserve much praise for their efforts.

“When the town clerk puts together a report that says there are three births, there is a photo of the mothers out together with their strollers and their babies, so you actually see all of them,” he said.

Awards are given by the MMA for the top three reports in five different population categories. The town has been recognized twice before for their report.

The judging panel included three freelance writers who are regular contributors to the Maine Townsman, the MMA’s publication, and a member of the MMA. Beal said that the town plans to send a representative to the October meeting to collect the award.

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