“Consolidation” movie trailer released


A movie based on the consolidation of three high schools into one, Mount Desert Island High School, fifty years ago is expected to premiere in November.

Director Peter Logue and Executive Producer Kimberly Swan, both MDIHS alums, will revisit the events leading up to the merger of the island’s high schools through the voices of those who were there.

“Just like the Fire of 1947, we all have heard stories from those who lived through and were affected by the 1968 consolidation of MDI’s high schools,” said Swan.

“Some 20 years ago, the idea of pooling the island’s resources for secondary school education was suggested,” the Bar Harbor Times reported in Sept. 1968. “By no means did everyone agree, but the discussions continued, sometimes waxing warm, to put it mildly. State enabling legislation was defeated a number of times. Finally in 1965 a majority of people in all four towns voted to create a Mount Desert Island regional high school.”

The film will consider the those dynamics and tensions that came with having three rival schools become one — and the ways in which the high school unified the island community, and continues to do so today.

“It’s a story about all the towns on the island coming together,” Logue said. “We’ll delve into how it happened, the difficult conversations and decisions, but we also want the film to be a celebration of the role the school has played.”

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