Class set for addiction, recovery professionals

MOUNT DESERT — A class for professionals in the field of addiction and recovery will take place at the Northeast Harbor Library on Wednesday, Oct. 7, from 5-7 p.m. A donation of $20 is suggested.

Every addiction originally begins as a strategy born out of the desire to connect. As the original strategy becomes habit and then addiction, failure of this original desire is guaranteed. By addressing the underlying desire for unconditional connection through the body, mind and spirit, we heal.

There are many gifted healers and providers available to those in recovery. This class is an opportunity to express and discover where commonality in these practices exists in the body. Each of us is attracted to this work in part because of our own very human addiction that we are separate. This is where we find not only compassion for others but for ourselves as well.

This class is open to those who work in addiction and recovery of all forms. Share your gifts and explore where commonality arises in each of us. This will be a process-oriented group led by Sara Pierce with the hope that by discovering keystones within us, we will better serve our communities.

Pre-registration is appreciated. Contact Jennifer May to hold your space at 276-3911 or

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