Church homecoming honors three

Meredith Creswell has shared news about a special homecoming tradition on our island: “Our Advent Christian Church Homecoming services have brought our church family together — former pastors, musicians and members who have moved away, uniting together again. They have been God-centered and love-centered occasions filled with “the word,” music, memories and tributes. This year, our 10th homecoming, we honored Don Carlson, Kenny Ranquist and Les Ranquist. Other past honorees have included Carlton and Pacita Joyce, Dot Barnes, Betty Carlson, Jean Ranquist, Martha Reed and Eva Wheaton. Max envisioned what the homecomings could be, and were he to still be with us, the church members he loved had planned to honor Max this year. We are blessed to know and honor these servants of God, some who have left this world and some still living among us, who have been devoted to their church and their God.”

Fran Chetwynd reported on the progress of the lighthouse trail: “Trail repair has begun. A team from the Maine Conservation Corps arrived on the island this past Monday afternoon (Oct. 16) and started work Tuesday to reroute and repair the upper portion of the Long Point Beach trail. They will open up a new entrance to the trail over difficult terrain, starting from the road just above the lighthouse buildings. The new entrance will have several granite steps and a viewing platform and will be inland from the cliff edge area that was eroded last winter. The team will be on the island for three weeks and will be staying at the Methodist annex. Be sure to welcome these hard-working young folks if you run into them around the island. They will surely appreciate it!”

Emmie Sawyer reminded us about the ferry change: “There is a chill in the air and a need to slow down a bit. The fall ferry schedule began on Monday, Oct. 16.” We have fewer trips and an earlier finish to the day; check your schedule for details.

Donna Wiegle described a course she and Karen Martin are team-teaching: “We will co-teach a six-week program called ‘Taking Action for Health — a Chronic Disease Self Management course.’ The program starts Monday, Oct. 23, from 12-2:30 p.m. at the Mill Pond Health Center. A healthy snack is included during our break. Karen and I attended four days of training to be able to present this Stanford University, evidence-based program in our community. Anyone who is dealing with a chronic illness and caregivers are welcome to join the class. Patients with diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression, cancer, fibromyalgia or any other chronic health issues will benefit greatly from the material shared in the six-week program, as well as from the support you will receive from other community members attending the class. Please call or message me privately if you are interested in signing up or have any questions about the program — 526-4101.”

Happy birthday to Barbara Tozier Matthews, Lucas Richard LeMoine, Wesley Staples II, Cole Carroll Staples, Michael Farley, Vanessa May, Eric Scott Staples and Joe Boisvert.

Anniversary blessings to Gilley and Patty LeMoine and Bruce and Julie Macdonald.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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