Boatworks starts workshop series

Islesford Boatworks came to Great Cranberry this Saturday to begin a series of boatbuilding workshops, working on a 22-foot racing rowboat in a barn on Dog Point Road. Prep work will be done at the Boatworks Barn on Islesford, but the construction will be done on Great Cranberry.

The initial workshop and rowing session were successfully geared towards kids; youngsters from both Great and Little Cranberry showed up to get involved. Tony Archino from Islesford Boatworks has also put word out that he would happily hold sessions for adults if there were enough interest. Islanders can contact Tony at 347-236-9092 to find out more.

Cindy Thomas, Ellie Miller, Stefanie Alley and a bike tour group from Vermont moved the nonfiction books from the center shelves of the library to the main room of Islesford’s Neighborhood House. New carpets are coming to the library this week. Looks like the bike tour got an inside view of life on the island as well as a good view of Acadia.

There have been solar flares recently. The northern lights have been seen throughout the state of Maine. Islesford’s Denise McCormick saw them. They’re amazing to see and are visible very far south sometimes, in western Maryland and Philadelphia.

There was a long-range planning community forum at the Islesford Neighborhood House on Thursday. A large group from Islesford, parents, grandparents and Islesford residents joined Superintendent Marc Gousse to talk about the island schools, and his office can work together with the Cranberry islands.

Serena Spurling and Ricky Alley went to Colorado to visit Ashley and Drew Stapelman and meet Ricky’s grandson, Emmet Ellsworth Stapelman. Emmet was born Aug. 18.

The September 2017 Dip of the Month is on the books. Cindy Thomas and Barb Fernald dipped Sunday before the cooler weather and gray sky took over in the afternoon. The forecast for later this week includes warmer temperatures, so the rest of the dippers will aim for then. Having warmed up all summer, the water temperature is supposed to peak in September.

A small group of residents on Great Cranberry are collaborating with the Future’s Group and environmental specialist and the director of Maine Compost School, Mark King, to create a sustainable model for composting on GCI. For the past two years, islanders Sarah McCracken, Jessi Duma, Kayla Gagnon and Page Hill have been collecting organic waste from households and two cafés on GCI. Before that, waste was collected for livestock on the island, composted privately or thrown on the beach. With the departure of Jessi, soon to be followed by both Page and Kayla, the compost pickup model could not be sustained as it required too much time and woman power. Therefore, the girls removed the compost bins originally located at the dump, Hitty’s Café and the General Store. The new model will hopefully require less volunteer time and will be easier to maintain for future compost management so that waste stays off the beaches. If you are interested or would like to weigh in on this issue, feel free to contact either Sarah McCracken or Kayla Gagnon at 244-5211.

Beginning Sept. 16, movies will be shown at the Seaside Playhouse Tuesday and Saturday Nights at 7:30 p.m. The Cranberry Island Shuttle Service will end for the season Friday, Sept. 15. Many thanks to all the volunteer drivers for another successful season.

Birthdays: It’s a busy birthday week. Xander Amuso will blow out candles on Sept. 15. Brenna Sullivan will celebrate on Sept. 17. Nicko Hadlock will add one on Sept. 18. Joanne Thormann’s day is Sept. 21, the half-and-half equinox. Happy birthday to all!

Anniversaries: Kaitlyn and Cory Duggan will celebrate their anniversary on Sept. 20, Cari and Cory Alley on Sept. 23. Happy anniversary!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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