Blessing of the fleet set for Sunday

Cari Alley has organized the 2nd Blessing of the Fleet for this Sunday, June 7. A special boat will be available to bring Great Cranberry residents over to Islesford at 9:30 a.m. The church service starts at 10 a.m. Family activities run 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Islesford’s Town Field and will include a raffle and BBQ. At 2:30 p.m., Tom Powell will begin the Blessing of the Fleet in the Islesford harbor. All proceeds from the day’s activities will go to the Fishermen’s Fund, a Bereavement and Loss of Vessel fund to show support to our fishing families in the event of a tragedy. Bring baked goods and raffle items! Thank you, Cari, and thank you, Tom.

Great Cranberry Island is a unique place to live. For a small island, there are many places to explore. One of the best sights to see is sunrise in the morning. Almost every morning, fog settles over the water and hides the mountains of Mount Desert Island. Sometimes it is so foggy that nothing can be seen, not even Sutton Island. Most of the time, it shrouds the mountains in a sheer vale of fog, making them look mysterious. Sunset is also a beautiful time of day. When conditions are just right, the island takes on a pink hue just before sunset. As the sun goes down, it hides behind the mountains of MDI, casting bright colors of purple, red and orange across the sky. As someone new to the island, I find myself stopping and reveling in the beauty all around me. It is so easy to take it for granted, to get caught up in the everyday tasks. As the island sparks back to life, I have been overwhelmed by the stunning landscape. I can see why so many people come here every summer from all over the country. Here, there is more time to relax. There is more trust between neighbors. There is a real sense of community. People of the island are helpful, welcoming and care about one another. Of course there are problems and disagreements, but that’s expected. Whenever things get too hectic, I just go to the shore and listen to the rhythm of the waves.

The island explorer golf cart should be on the island soon to take riders up and down the island for free. It is run by the historical society, and volunteer drivers are needed. It is a great service for the visitors to the island.

Thank you, Amanda Bracy, for running the Cranberry Cove boat from Southwest Harbor/Manset out to the islands. Having no boat would have been a mess, so many, many thanks for keeping us going!

Doug Hare‘s funeral was held in Somesville on Sunday, May 24. Islesford was well represented by Chris Hathaway; Dave, Cindy, Rachel and Emily Thomas; Ann Fernald; Serena, Jeri and Ted Spurling; Stefanie Alley; Tom and Becca Powell; Deborah and David Brooks; Soos Krasnow; Sally Rowan; and Ashley Bryan, whose drawing was on the leaflet and who recited during the service. Apologies to those I missed.

The Memorial Day parade on Islesford took new flags to the graves of those who had been in the armed forces. There was a good turnout of people and a very good number of children putting flags at the gravestones.

Katelyn Damon and Jake Kuester graduated from the Hancock County Firefighter’s Academy on Saturday. At the final ceremony of the fire class, Katelyn won the Bland’s Hall of Flame award, given “for her demonstration of outstanding improvement during the 2015 HCFFA Fire Academy Training.” Congratulations, Katelyn!

Melissa Amuso wrote to say that Marla Walls and Beatrice Amuso made it to states with the MDES team. Both threw the discus, and Beatrice also ran the 50. States was at the University of Maine at Orono on Tuesday. Congratulations to Marla and Beatrice on their dedication and commitment to the MDES team! And congratulations again to Melissa for the results of the work she has done.

Barb Fernald, Cindy Thomas and Stefanie Alley went for a dip in warming water. Barb wrote: “At Eastern Maine Shelf buoy, the water temperature was 43 degrees, while in Bar Harbor, it was 45.9 degrees.” Barb was optimistic and thought it was at least 48 degrees. Maybe next month.

Summer registration has begun for the Islesford Boatworks program. Information is available at

From the Sea Coast Mission: The Maine Sea Coast Mission and Dr. Kurt Kelly will be coming on June 15. Kelly is an ophthalmologist. Thanks to donated equipment and his volunteering, we will be offer free vision screenings. Posters and a sign-up sheet will be up in the next couple of days. We will be on Great Cranberry in the morning and Islesford in the afternoon. Exact times on each island will be determined by how many people sign up. I will get a special boat if needed to make times work. He will be able to do eye glass prescriptions for some, screenings for cataracts/glaucoma etc. If you have questions, feel free to contact me on Facebook, at 542 9988 or [email protected]

Weekly trash pick up has resumed on Mondays. Please have it out by 8 a.m.

Happy birthday to Cory Duggan on June 11 and Wanda Porter on June 12.

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, reach Jennifer Walls at [email protected]


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