Births announced

BAR HARBOR — The following births were recorded at Mount Desert Island Hospital in March, April and May.

A daughter, Gemma Lynn Fernandez, was born March 3 to Jessica and Chris Fernandez of Trenton.

A son, Braedon Young, was born March 3 to Alyssa Young and Vincent Cyr of Southwest Harbor.

A son, Broderick Cleaves, was born March 8 to Jillian Gilley and Taylor Cleaves of Bass Harbor.

A son, Liam Michael Dellinger-Flow, was born March 30 to Evelyn Sagastume and Chris Dellinger-Flow.

A daughter, Ava Anderson, was born April 14 to Spring Chisholm and Seth Anderson of Surry.

A daughter, Oaklee Cough, was born April 18 to Layne and Andrew Cough of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Stella Boles, was born April 20 to Naomi and Chris Boles of Ellsworth.

A son, Casey Schlag, was born April 24 to Lacey and David Schlag of Seal Cove.

A son, Peyton Nicholson, was born April 26 to Christina and Peter Nicholson of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Braelynn Mae Jipson, was born May 7 to Ashley Cummings and Josh Jipson of Franklin.

A son, Cadillac Jack Coombs, was born May 13 to Jane and Harold Coombs of Trenton.

A son, Lucas Daigle, was born May 18 to Diane Kay-Daigle and Jim Daigle of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Asa Sund, was born May 19 to Alexzandria Herrick and Erik Sund of Southwest Harbor.

A son, Callum Sutphin, was born May 26 to Ashli Black and George Sutphin of Mount Desert.

Also, the following April birth on Mount Desert Island was announced by First Light Community Midwives.

A son, Carson Emerson Lunt, was born April 17 in Bass Harbor to parents Megan and Travis Lunt.

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