‘Art of Cranberry Isles’ will open in August

CRANBERRY ISLES — Artists from Islesford are joining Great Cranberry Island painters to exhibit works inspired by the beauty of the two islands in “Art of the Cranberry Isles,” opening at Cranberry House, Aug. 2.

Just as Frederic Church and friends had discovered Mount Desert in the 19th Century, so later artists “discovered” the Cranberry isles as early as the 1920s. Charles “Waddie” Wadsworth and his wife, Jean Howard, were the first artists to settle on Great Cranberry. They soon invited Ashley Bryan, who was in Maine on a scholarship.

Bryan rented a house on Great Cranberry, and he invited his artist

friends and those he knew from New York. Friends invited more friends. Carl Nelson, Dorothy Eisner, William Kienbusch, John Heliker, Bob LaHotan, Dorothy Campbell, Buddy Bileck and Emily Nelligan were some of the artists that made up the island’s art colony.

The artists often painted and ate together and held critiques of each other’s work. They held an annual summer show in the second floor of Longfellow Schoolhouse.

Cranberry House now honors this tradition with this exhibit.

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