Another lawsuit

BAR HARBOR — Attorney Arthur Greif, representing Town Hill resident Sam Dunlap, has filed a new complaint in Hancock County Superior Court this week challenging the town’s interpretation of election results from June of this year.

Two citizen’s initiatives were on the ballot for town meeting elections in June seeking to amend the town’s land use ordinance. Because the Planning Board recommended rejection of the changes, a two-thirds majority vote is required to adopt them.

Dunlap and Greif disagree, claiming that because the amendments both received a majority of votes, they passed.

The complaint points to a section of the town charter, claiming it “prevails over any inconsistent town ordinances,” and says the Planning Board did not comply with public hearing requirements for LUO amendments.

Dunlap is the chairperson of the petitioners’ committee which circulated the petitions, the complaint says, and has standing “as he lives in a neighborhood that will benefit from the above-mentioned LUO amendments.”

Town Attorney Daniel Murphy will represent the town in the complaint.


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