Marine Patrol Officer Matthew Wyman PHOTO COURTESY OF THE DMR

Wyman receives Chief’s Award

AUGUSTA — Maine Marine Patrol Officer Matthew Wyman has received the 2017 Northeast Conservation Law Enforcement Chief’s Award.

The award, presented April 10 at the Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, honors a law enforcement official for professional excellence. The conference brings together regional natural resources professionals in many fields, including law enforcement.

Wyman was recognized by Marine Patrol Sgt. Matthew Talbot, who nominated him for the award, for his depth of skill and knowledge and for his painstaking investigation of violations that threaten Maine’s valuable marine resources.

“As a Marine Patrol officer working mid-coast Maine, Officer Wyman spends much of his time working on activity associated with Maine’s lucrative lobster fishery,” said Talbot. “Wyman is dedicated and involved in the conservation of Maine’s lobster fishery. He is fair-minded and he conducts thorough investigations. His efforts, experience, teamwork and commitment greatly contributed to multiple lobster fishery violations being identified and addressed.”

Talbot highlighted several cases in which Wyman demonstrated exceptional effort and ability. “During 2016, Officer Wyman was instrumental in a lengthy investigation involving a lobster harvester who was found to be illegally fishing unmarked, untagged, sunken lobster traps in offshore waters,” said Talbot. “In addition to spending a great deal of time underway, Officer Wyman exhibited skill in drafting search warrants and managing the technological portion of the investigation.”

Talbot also applauded Wyman for protecting the future of Maine’s lobster resource. “Wyman also participated in an investigation into a lobster harvester who was found to be scrubbing egg-bearing lobsters. This is an egregious resource violation, and he worked smartly and efficiently alongside his fellow officers to help build a solid case,” Talbot said.

“Wyman consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism,” said Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher. “He has the respect of his peers and of the fishing community.”

The Northeast Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs Association is a professional organization comprised of the chiefs and senior command staff from the 13 northeastern states, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, NOAA Officer for Law Enforcement and the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

The Maine Marine Patrol enforces Maine’s marine resources laws for commercial and recreational activity. Officers are involved in investigative and protective services work, including the enforcement of marine resource conservation law, rules and regulations. Officers patrol an assigned coastal area by land and air and aboard patrol vessels, protecting marine resources, coastal property and the public.


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