Crews from around the globe are battling it out on the waters of the Great Harbor of Mount Desert during the International One Design (IOD) World Championship Regatta this week. Racing is scheduled to go on all day Thursday, and the event wraps up on Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF NICHOLAS SCHOEDER

All the ‘Worlds’ race for IOD championship

MOUNT DESERT — Sailors from International One Design (IOD) sailboat fleets from around the world have assembled on Mount Desert Island this week for the World Championships hosted by the Northeast Harbor Fleet.

The World Championships got underway Sunday afternoon with a practice race and welcome reception. Races were held on Monday and Tuesday, and are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

John Roberts is the chair of the event and Northeast Harbor IOD Class captain. He was the winner of the North American Championship for the class, held here last year. Last year’s World Champion was Charlie Van Voorhis of the Fishers Island, N.Y.-yacht club.

Fleet Director Fran Charles said about 20 crews will race in the event, from England, Norway, Sweden, Nova Scotia and Bermuda. From the U.S., crews hail from Mount Desert Island, Marblehead and Nantucket, Mass., San Francisco, Calif., and two fleets in New York.

IOD World Champs Aug. 21 Racing

Place, Team, Helm

1. Fishers1 John Burnham and Peter Rugg

2. Longisland Elliott Wislar

3. Fishers2 Jonathan Farrar

4. Northeast2 John Henry

5. Defender Charlie Vanvoorhis

6. Bermuda1 Patrick Cooper

7. Chester Peter Wickmire

8. Marblehd1 Bill Widnall

9. Sweden1 Bjorn Wahlstrom

10. Northeast1 David Rockefeller

11. Nantucket2 Peter Maccausland

12. SanFran1 Paul Zupan

13. Bermuda2 Penny Simmons

14. Sweden2 Urban Ripstorp

15. Manhattan Eric Leitner

16. Nantucket1 Dan Mackeigan

17. Norwayin Martin Rygh

18. Norwayout Tormod Lie

19. Marblehd2 Ian and Rachel Morrison

20. SanFran2 Richeard Pearce


Aug. 22 Racing

Place, Team, Helm

1. Fishers1 John Burnham and Peter Rugg

2. Fishers2 Jonathan Farrar

3. Longisland Elliott Wislar

4. Bermuda1 Patrick Cooper

5. Northeast2 John Henry

6. Northeast1 David Rockefeller

7. Chester Peter Wickmire

8. Manhattan Eric Leitner

9. Sweden2 Urban Ripstorp

10. Defender Charlie Vanvoorhis

11. Sweden1 Bjorn Wahlstrom

12. Nantucket2 Peter Maccausland

13. Marblehd1 Bill Widnall

14. Sanfran1 Paul Zupan

15. Nantucket1 Dan Mackeigan

16. Sanfran2 Richeard Pearce

17. Norwayout Tormod Lie

18. Norwayin Martin Rygh

19. Bermuda2 Penny Simmons

20. Marblehd2 Ian and Rachel Morrison

Top performing boats

1. Live Yankee

2. Firefly

3. Auriga

4. Mischief

5. J’ellie Bean


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