Wily coyote spotted in NEH

MOUNT DESERT — Police received numerous reports June 16 of an “aggressive” coyote in Northeast Harbor.

The animal was spotted in the area of Tennis Club Road, Neighborhood Road and South Shore Road. The next day, Friday, the coyote reportedly attacked a small dog on Sinclair Road.

According to police, the coyote has a “bloody eye.” Police also contacted the Maine Warden Service. Late on Tuesday, police reported on their Facebook page that the animal had been found and “dispatched.”

Firewood was reported stolen Saturday from a roadside stand in Otter Creek.

A Trenton man who allegedly was driving while intoxicated was arrested as the result of a traffic stop Sunday in Northeast Harbor.

Timothy Wedge, 21, was arrested on a charge of operating while under the influence (OUI).

A Hancock man stopped June 16 for an expired inspection sticker was charged with another infraction.

Robert Pinkham, no given age, was summonsed on a charge of operating after suspension.

Kyle Killion, 31, of Mount Desert was arrested June 14 on a charge of domestic violence assault.

Bar Harbor

A Bar Harbor teenager escaped serious injury Friday afternoon after a Hummer H2 reportedly ran over her legs. She and a male juvenile were walking on the sidewalk, police said, when they saw a friend driving his family’s 2007 GMC Hummer and jumped onto the passenger side running board.

The driver told police he slowed down when he saw them and briefly sped up after they jumped onto the vehicle. The girl fell off when he sped up, according to reports, and was run over by one wheel. She was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. No one was cited or charged in connection with the accident.

Police reportedly broke up a fistfight between four men Saturday afternoon on Cottage Street. Brandon Rose, 22, of Lamoine; Alexis Quinn, 22, of Lamoine; Tyler Grey, 22, of Ellsworth; and Zachary Grey, 22, of Lamoine each were summonsed on a charge of disorderly conduct and warned not to have contact with each other.

Veronica Berceda-Harris, 43, of Bar Harbor was arrested Saturday evening at her residence on a charge of violating a protection order. Bar Harbor police made the arrest at the request of the Ellsworth Police Department because the violation allegedly was committed in Ellsworth. She was taken to the Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth.

A man believed to be mentally unstable was reportedly yelling and breaking windows at an Eden Street residence Friday afternoon. Police assisted the man. The property owner did not wish to press charges.

A Bar Harbor woman complained of chest and back pain after a single-vehicle accident on the afternoon of June 14 on Old Farm Road but took a private vehicle to the hospital rather than an ambulance, police said.

Ellen Dohmen, 71, reportedly was driving her Subaru west when it drifted to the right and struck a large tree. The Subaru was towed from the scene.

A minor accident at the corner of Mount Desert Street and Eden Street June 14 caused no injuries, police said.

Brianna Sullivan, 23, of Verona Island was driving her Chevy sedan behind a Ford pickup driven by Timothy Street, 49, of Milford. Both were turning left onto Mount Desert. Sullivan thought Street already had turned, according to reports, and her car hit the rear of the pickup.

A Bar Harbor woman reportedly was driving on Route 3 in Salisbury Cove last week when her Toyota Camry sideswiped a guardrail. Alexis Lilly said she swerved to avoid being hit by an unidentified vehicle traveling in the opposite direction that allegedly left its lane of travel. No injuries were reported.

A Sullivan woman was summonsed early Friday morning for violating conditions of her release. Bridjit Smith, 25, was stopped for reportedly speeding on Route 102 at 2 a.m. Friday. Her bail conditions include a 9 p.m. curfew.

Caroline Goralski, 25, of Bar Harbor was arrested June 16 on a charge of OUI.

Brendan McGarr, 27, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed June 15 on Mount Desert Street on a charge of operating after suspension.

Nicholas Alley, 28, of Bar Harbor was arrested early Monday morning on a charge of OUI (drugs).

A convenience store employee reported a woman possibly buying alcohol for minors June 14.

Southwest Harbor

Officer Gary Caron responded June 14 to a reported of an abandoned baby deer. The fawn was taken to a local wildlife care facility.

A resident complained Sunday of the smell of marijuana coming from a neighboring home. The incident is under investigation.

Two women reportedly fighting in a parking lot Saturday were gone when police arrived.

A male complained Saturday that his ex-girlfriend was “trashing” his residence.

Juveniles hanging around a business Friday were told to move along.


A 22-year-old Jonesboro woman was issued a ticket Sunday following a traffic stop by Deputy Brian Archer.

Leslie Norton was summonsed on charges of attaching false license plates and operating with an expired driver’s license.


The sheriff’s department is investigating a June 16 incident where a dog died from a gunshot wound. A necropsy is to be performed.

Acadia National Park

A 30-year-old woman from Brick, N.J., was injured in June when she rode her moped into the back of a parked pickup truck on the Ocean Drive. The force of the crash sent her flying over the handlebars, reports said. She was taken to the Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor by Bar Harbor Ambulance.

Dagan Nelson, 36, of Florida was summonsed by rangers at Lakewood on June 17, on charges of having a dog off leash and possession of a controlled substance (PCS) for marijuana.

Bryce Schmidt, 18, of Pownal was cited by rangers on June 17 on a charge of violating a closed area after allegedly being caught scaling the Precipice Trail, which is closed to protect nesting endangered peregrine falcons.

On June 18, rangers were called to the Blackwoods Campground in Otter Creek after a toddler managed to lock himself in his parents’ pickup truck. Rangers were able to assist in getting the truck’s doors open.

Paul LeClair, 25, of Smithfield was cited at the Norumbega Mountain Parking area on June 19 on a charge of PCS.

Also on June 19, Daniel Falt, 25, of Mount Desert was cited at the Beech Mountain Parking area on a charge of an expired motor vehicle registration.

Sadie Strong, 19, of Hampden was summonsed on the Schooner Head Road on June 19 on a charge of PCS.

On Tuesday, rangers assisted several injured visitors. One older woman fell down the granite stairs at Echo Lake Beach. Later in the day, at Thunder Hole on the Ocean Drive, a 14-year-old slipped and fell 5 feet on the rocks. Neither injury was considered life threatening.

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