“Wilderness Lodge” planned for parcel in Tremont woods

TREMONT — Years ago, James Hopkins’ grandfather gave him an undeveloped lot on Kellytown Road with the idea that Hopkins could sell it and use the profits to pay for college. But Hopkins couldn’t bring himself to sell the land.

“It just didn’t feel right to do that,” Hopkins said Tuesday. “The lot is right next door to my mother’s house. This is a piece of land I could never get rid of.”

Having left Tremont after high school for work, Hopkins eventually settled in Miami, Fla., where he works in estate management. But Hopkins has maintained his connection to Mount Desert Island.

“I come up here in the summer with my family,” Hopkins said. “And I have friends and family who would like to come, but there aren’t a lot of options on the quiet side of the island.”

The lack of lodging in Tremont inspired Hopkins to come up with the idea for Acadia Wilderness Lodge, which he describes as “camp cabins in a very wooded and serene landscape that will provide people with a rustic experience.”

With the help of G.F. Johnston & Associates, Hopkins has applied for a permit to develop his property. He believes that his location will offer summer visitors seclusion and the opportunity for adventure, such as taking the ferry to Swan’s Island for a day trip.

“I could be biased,” he said, “but the quiet side of the island has a lot to offer and doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

Hopkins is optimistic that on May 21, the Planning Board will give the green light to the project. If approved, Hopkins plans to seek bids and get estimates. “I’d like to be able to open at some point in the summer, but that’s to be determined,” he said.


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