The Allied Whale Adopt-a-Whale program is holding a holiday sale. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Whale adoptions on sale

BAR HARBOR — College of the Atlantic’s Adopt-a-Whale program, which supports critical research and conservation of these endangered creatures, is holding a holiday sale.

Adopters can choose from 11 different humpback and fin whales, including Oseana, the long-distance-migration record holder. They will receive a certificate of adoption, photos, a biography and a sighting history of their whale, and the Adopt-a-Whale booklet, full of fascinating information, photographs and maps about the Earth’s largest mammals. Single whales cost $30 to adopt, while mother-calf pairs cost $40.

Adopting a whale provides critical support to Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic, an organization that houses the oldest and largest dedicated whale photo-identification program in the world.

Allied Whale established and manages the first oceanwide collections of individually identified whales, including the North Atlantic humpback whale catalog, the North Atlantic fin whale catalog and the Antarctic humpback whale catalog. More has been learned about whale populations, behavior and habitat from such studies than any other way.

With four decades of experience behind them, Allied Whale scientists remain committed to promoting the effective conservation of marine mammal populations and their habitats through international collaboration and field-based educational opportunities.

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