Website helps Mainers claim relief checks 

AUGUSTA — On the heels of the Governor signing into law the supplemental budget sending relief to Maine people, the Mills administration has launched a website ( to assist those who want to claim their $850 relief payment. 

In the instances where someone has not already filed their 2021 Maine individual income tax return, on which eligibility for the $850 relief check is based, Mainers have until Oct. 31 to file. 

For free tax help, low- and middle-income Maine taxpayers can visit, call 2-1-1 or visit 

In addition to filing their 2021 Maine individual income tax return by Oct. 31, those eligible for the $850 relief payment must file as a full-time Maine resident, not be claimed as a dependent on another’s return and must have a federal adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 if filing single or if married and filing separately; $150,000 if filing as head of household; or $200,000 for couples filing jointly. 

The relief program, proposed by the Governor and approved nearly unanimously by the Legislature, is expected to return half of Maine’s budget surplus – $729.3 million – to an estimated 858,000 Maine people grappling with the increased costs as a result of pandemic-driven inflation. 

In order to get these funds into Mainers’ hands as quickly as possible, Maine Revenue Services expects to deliver the first round of relief this spring and on a rolling basis through the end of the year as tax returns are received. 

Mainers who go to and have additional questions may call Maine Revenue Services at (207) 624-9924. 



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