X-tra features offered at Morris Yachts

TRENTON — Morris Yachts is continuing to build on the success of its M-Series line of yachts by introducing a new product extension called the M-Series “X-Type”.

The new X-Type packages from Morris will be available in three of its M-Series Yachts as the M29x, M36x and M42x. The focus of the X-Type program is to add a new level of enhanced sailing performance and driver

feedback to the quality, craftsmanship and beauty already found within the rest of the M-Series line.

“Offering an X-Type package with enhanced performance and details is for Morris Yachts what the AMG is to Mercedes Benz or the S-Line is to Audi,” says Morris CEO Doug Metchick. “These boats are for the type of owner who appreciates having a little more under the hood but also wants the uncompromising beauty, sophistication, quality and luxury one expects from owning a Morris.”

This means that in addition to the long list of options that come standard on all Morris Yachts, the X-Type models are also equipped with a powerful high modulus carbon fiber rig from Hall Spars and high-performance 3Di

sails from North Sails. Also included is a deeper, high-aspect ratio stainless steel fin keel. A unique carbon fiber and teak wheel delivers a more performance-oriented look. The boat’s weight is kept down by using resin infusion on the hull and covering the deck with non-skid rather than teak.

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