A porbeagle shark was spotted on a Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company cruise Aug. 14. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOHN ANDERSON

Wildlife scientists spot shark on whale watch tour

BAR HARBOR — The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company hosted the Waterbird Society Conference on Aug. 14 for a pelagic whale and seabird cruise. During the tour, wildlife scientists from around the world enjoyed a two minute viewing of an 8-10 foot mackerel or porbeagle shark that swam on the surface beside Friendship V. The tour originated in Bar Harbor and headed out into the Gulf of Maine.

Although it can be found in cooler zones around the world, the porbeagle prefers the cold North Atlantic waters. It feeds on squid and small bony fish. Porbeagle sharks, which were once fished to the point of becoming a protected species, are still listed as vulnerable by some global environmental organizations.

There has never been a documented bite on humans or boats by a porbeagle shark.

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