Urchin season catch limits recommended

BREWER — The Maine Department of Marine Resources’ Sea Urchin Zone Council voted last week to recommend catch limits and season length for the 2015-2016 season.

They recommended 15 days and a 12 tote daily limit for Zone 1 and 38 days and a seven tote daily limit for Zone 2. In the limited access area of Whiting and Denny’s bays, the season would be only nine days with a seven tote daily limit. Fishing days are split between early and late seasons and diving and dragging days.

“I have been here since 1995 and am proud of what the council has done,” outgoing chair Brian Preney said. Joe Leask was elected new chair of the Council.

The recommendations move into the rule-making process. Hearings will be held in May in each zone. The DMR Advisory Council has the final say.

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