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STONINGTON — At a meeting last month, staff of the Eastern Maine Skippers Program and participating teachers at coastal high schools decided the program will have a focus on “Design your Future Fisheries” for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Whereas the general approach has been to have broad topics in recent years, the consensus was to bring the project into tighter focus and to include components designed specifically around our core content areas,” a newsletter said. 

The basic premise is that the students will select a species from a short list of underutilized and/or unavailable marine species. Students will work in all aspects of understanding the life cycle and ecology of the organism, the harvest method, care and handling, and marketing of the species, and last, but not least, develop a presentation that will result in legislation drafted, a rule change, and/or an experimental license to do further research. This presentation will be given to both the Commissioner of Marine Resources and the Marine Resources Committee of the legislature. 

This endeavor may become multi-year in implementation. Our overall objective is to demonstrate to the next generation that with proper preparation, they can have a direct impact on their individual and fishing community’s future toward sustainable marine ecosystems and economies. 

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