Sailing Scoreboard through Aug. 14

Seal Harbor Regatta

Aug. 10

Scott Hirsch in Batty and Peter Ill in Acontia fought it out close to the shoreline, but it was Ill who took home the O’Brien Cup on a rare cool and rainy day of sailing. The Seal Harbor Yacht Club hosted an informal trophy ceremony after the race.

  1. Peter Ill
  2. David Rockefeller
  3. Mary Bacon
  4. Art Paine
  5. Tom Rolfes
  6. Bill Eacho
  7. Scott Hirsch
  8. David Schoeder
  9. Fred Ford
  10. Alex Gorianski


Little Cranberry Yacht Club

Bullseye Class Islesford Open and Shirey Junior Skipper Race

Aug. 11

The Islesford Open and the Shirey Junior Skipper Race were held back-to-back just outside Islesford’s Hadlock Cove.

In the Islesford Open, Nick Newlin with crew Pearl Tolliver-Shaw sailed Twinkle to first place; Joel Collier with his wife, Ann, and children Claire and Matthew were second in Bird of Dawning. Anjigami, with David Encarnation, Katherine Graven, Carolyn and Robbie Ward, came in third; Desi Sinnott and Skye Howard were fourth in Kotick.

The junior members then took over the helm for the Shirey Junior Skipper Race. The race results were in the same order, but the skippers were Pearl Tolliver-Shaw, Claire Collier, Carolyn Ward and Desi Sinnott.


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Class August Series

The Charles family sailed Seabiscuit to the top of the standings after beating out Bill Knowlton in Fiona with a bullet and a win in last week’s two races.

Top 10 standings after four races:

  1. Charles Family
  2. Bill Knowlton
  3. Chris Booher
  4. Jim Fernald
  5. David Folger
  6. Ken Brookes
  7. Wells Bacon
  8. Scott Hirsch
  9. Art Paine
  10. Pancho Cole


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Bullseye Class August Series

Nancy Homer in Nanny B and Scott Lawson in Shadow both had one bullet each after last week’s two races.

Standings after four races:

  1. Nancy Homer
  2. Scott Lawson
  3. Charlie Hudson
  4. Mary Lawrence


Cruising Class MDI Series

Mike Cook won the Aug. 14 race with a bullet in Lynette, a Brooklin Boat Yard 47’, followed by Joe Weber in Dreadnought, a Jim Taylor 46’.

Standings after four races:

  1. Henry Brauer
  2. Mike Cook
  3. Joe Weber
  4. Tom Rolfes
  5. Joe Kief
  6. Ken Weg
  7. Andrew Von Hirsch
  8. Chris Hopkins
  9. Mark Kryder


Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD Class August Series

David Rockefeller in Caribou overtook John Henry in Gambler and Auriga in the standings after winning the most recent race in the series for the Taormina Cup.

Top 10 in standings after seven races:

  1. David Rockefeller
  2. John Henry
  3. Rob Van Alen
  4. Peter Ill and Ted Madeira
  5. David Schoeder
  6. Fred Ford
  7. Rick Echard
  8. Sean Beaulieu
  9. Bill Dowling
  10. Mia Thompson


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Sunday Series

With bullets in Race 9 and 12, the high school and college team on Surprise has a lead on Wells Bacon in Mary Jane, who beat the team in Race 11. David Folger in VooDoo won Race 10 with a bullet.

Standings after 12 races:

  1. Connor Ratcliff, K. Elk, Chris Booher
  2. Wells Bacon
  3. David Folger
  4. Bill Smith
  5. Scott Hirsch
  6. Tucker Charles
  7. Pancho Cole
  8. Nathaniel and Rick Wheeler
  9. Art Paine
  10. Chris Groober and Henry Brauer

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