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Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders August Series

Mount Desert Island High School senior Alec Fisichella, sailing Art Paine’s Ludicrous, won the last two of the seven races in the August series. He finished the series in second place overall and just one point ahead of recent MDI alum Connor Ratcliff in Surprise.

But the youngsters couldn’t catch Bill Smith, who had two bullets, a second place and two third place finishes to win the series. Jim Fernald and Wells and Mary Bacon were runners up in the last two races.

The Southwest Harbor Fleet’s annual meeting and awards ceremony was held Tuesday at the MDI Community Sailing Center. Luders fall series racing begins Friday.


Final results

1        Bill Smith   Freight Train to Your Love, Baby

2        Alec Fisichella      Ludicrous

3        Connor Ratcliff    Surprise

4        Bill Knowlton      Fiona

5        Jim Fernald SeaBee

6        Mary and Wells Bacon  MaryJane

7        Ned Johnston       Domino

8        David Folger        Voo Doo

9        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

10      Rick Wheeler        Ondine

11      Henry Brauer       Sling Shot

12      Tom Rolfes Palladin

13      Scott and Melissa Hirsch         Batty

14      David Schoeder    North

15      Pancho Cole         DilliGaff

16      Bill Horner Romp


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Bullseye Class August Series

Charlie Hudson in Scotch Mist had such a good six-race series that the low score he threw out for the series was a second place. He finished first or second in each of the races. Tony Smith won the last two races of the series and the crew on Dirigo had one bullet.


Final results

1        Charlie Hudson    Scotch Mist

2        Tony Smith Isabel

3        Hollis Hirsch, India Reynolds Dirigo

4        Mary Coffin, Sam Lawrence   Alert

5        Joe Weber   One fourty four


Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD Class August Series for the Taormina Cup

“It was a fabulous day to play sailboat racing” Saturday, Fleet director Fran Charles said. “A smokin’ southerly brought 10-14 knot breezes all the way from Mount Desert Rock.”

The racing was started near Sutton Island with a 3-mile beat to mark E at the entrance of the Western Way. Caribou and Moewe took the pin end start while Live Yankee chose the middle of the line and J’Ellie Bean started at the boat. The remainder of the fleet was pretty well spread up and down the line. Caribou and Moewe crossed out of Rice Point but Live Yankee tacked to leeward and led the way towards Manset.

At the top the breeze softened and the fleet compressed despite the tide ebbing. Live Yankee led the pack with Caribou, Moewe and Firefly right on their heels. Most boats worked high towards the Cranberry shore for current relief. But J’Ellie Bean bore away sharply and made big gains going straight into the current. Satin Doll purposefully sailed away from the other boats and kept their spinnaker pulling hard with free air.

On the second windward leg to mark E, Live Yankee put the hammer down and didn’t look back. Caribou seemed to get stuck between the boats on the left and the boats on the right. The boats on the Cranberry side started to make gains and they waited until the lay-line to get back in touch with the boats on the other side that were sailing slower with their bows down. Everyone’s crew work was flawless so the fleet stayed tight until the finish line off Bear Island in Northeast Harbor. Live Yankee grabbed the race and secured second overall to Caribou for the August Series.

Charlie Quimby, Moose Herrington, and JP Grace were in charge on Race Committee boat Shearwater. “Perfect offsets and gates made the racing that much more enjoyable,” Charles said.

The Labor Day series racing for Luders and IOD classes gets underway at 10 a.m. Saturday, with a picnic on the water between races planned.


Final results

1        David Rockefeller Caribou

2        Tom Fremont Smith      Live Yankee

3        Steve Madeira      Auriga

4        John Henry Gambler

5        Ted Madara          Moewe

6        Fred Ford   j’Ellie Bean

7        Rick Echard         Firefly

8        Scott Redmon      Gosling

9        Peter Ill       Silver Spray

10      Courtney Jenkins Eagle

11      Wray Brothers     Woodie

12      Sydney Roberts Rockefeller    Satin Doll

13      David Schoeder    Dakota

14      Bill Dowling & Tom Jameson Mischief

15      Mia Thompson    Freyja

16      Jean and Sean Beaulieu Aurora

17      Jean Burden         Cygnet

18      Aaron Meyerson, Phil Crain   Magic Bus

19      Nicholas Schoeder, Sean Smith & Scott Lawliss Puff

20      James Loutit                   Top Cat

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