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Northeast Harbor Fleet: Cruising Class

Sailors were pumped for a fresh east wind forecast on Sunday for the final race of the MDI Series for the Cruising Class Championship for 2018. Six boats were ready to go with lots of excitement for a start off Spurling Point on Great Cranberry Island.

Ranger jumped the start by about four feet and had to return to re-start before heading east towards Lewis Rock off Seal Harbor. Dreadnought got there first with Poppaea hot on her trail.

The boats weaved their way through the Great Harbor of Mount Desert on a long downwind leg towards Black Island near Frenchboro. Most sailors made it around the island, which guards the entry to Blue Hill Bay, but the last two boats had troubles getting through the lee of the island by the fish farms on the west side.

They sat becalmed while others sailed away back towards the Western Way to finish off at Gilpatrick Cove. Dreadnought won the race on corrected time although Poppaea was first to finish in elapsed time.

Dreadnought and Ranger were first and second when the time was corrected for their ratings over the 22.8 mile race, the longest course sailed this summer for these boats.

Dreadnought’s team of sailors won the season championship by 2 points over Mike Cook’s Lynnette. Fleetwing, sailed by Henry Brauer, won a tie-breaker in the season standings to take the third place from Ken Weg’s expert crew on Ranger.


MDI series final results

1 Joe Weber Dreadnought

2 Michael Cook Lynnette

3 Henry Brauer Fleetwing

4 Ken Weg Ranger

5 Tom Rolfes Sidewinder

6 Andrew von Hirsch Poppaea

7 Hopkins family Watermark

8 Mark Kryder Scarlett BEE

9 Peter Horneffer Beckon


Northeast Harbor Fleet: Sunday Luders 16 Series for July/August

A fresh east wind greeted the fleet of Luders Class sailors for the final Sunday Series race day of 2018. Dave Folger, sailing with Rick Echard, took home the season championship trophies with some very consistent racing. Domino, sailed by Ned Johnston, won the day but didn’t compete enough days to be a contender in the season-long championship. Mary and Wells Bacon in their MaryJane had a very strong set of races Sunday to secure second place overall in the 17-race series.


Final results

1 David Folger VooDoo

2 Wells and Mary Bacon MaryJane

3 Ned Johnston Domino

4 David Schoeder and Jeff Lawson North

5 Pancho Cole Dilli Gaff

6 Scott and Melissa Hirsch Batty

7 Matthew Baird Seawolf

8 Rick Wheeler Ondine

9 Missy Marron Freight Train to your Love, Baby

10 Fred Ford Watermelon

11 Bill Horner Romp


Northeast Harbor Fleet: IOD Class August Series

Saturday saw races 7 and 8 in the August series for the International One Design class.

The day started with a shore postponement due to no wind and heavy fog. Eventually the last rain cell moved through and brought a refreshing northerly cold front breeze behind it. Wind started in the northwest, clocked to the northeast and eventually backed into the north at a refreshing 8-12 knots.

The first race saw a little backing into the north from northeast and Caribou started left towards that first big shift. They won the pin and didn’t look back on a long leg to Bear Island. With the breeze backing there was a very light area just as the boats approached the windward mark and then as they tried to exit back onto the Great Harbor.

Caribou grabbed a huge lead that extended all the way into the gate buoys off the Manset shoreline. Moewe (previously the Mirvah) did a great job of keeping clear air on the long run and made sure to cover Silver Spray all the way to the finish.

In the second race of the afternoon Caribou played the oscillating shifts on the long windward leg up into Northeast Harbor. It was shifty again on the downwind leg and Commodore Steve Madeira on Auriga closed a big gap to threaten them by the leeward gates.

The Gambler had rounded the windward mark in fifth place and was mowing down the competition on the leeward leg with a firmer boom vang than others and lots of forward rake on their mast. They were threatening Auriga at the bottom of the course and all three boats were tightly covering on the windward leg to the finish.

Eventually Gambler had their main halyard part and had to retire from the race. Caribou took their second bullet of the afternoon.

Races were expertly run by Charlie Quimby, Moose Herrington, and J.P. Grace.

Twenty IOD Class sailboats sailed together Monday for races 9 and 10 of the August series, the largest number of IODs on one starting line anywhere in the world for 2018. The course was set up east of Bear Island, extending towards Seal Harbor in the Eastern Way.

The first race was a two-lap special with the second leg stretched a bit. The lead changed many times during the first leg but Moewe got to the top mark in front. They were in a tight battle with Caribou and Live Yankee jostling for any opportunity to pass. Eventually Live Yankee did just that and scooped the victory away on the second windward leg. The wily David Rockefeller, sailing Caribou, also snuck by to take a second in that race, just nosing out Moewe.

The second race of the day included a very long windward beat to Lewis Rock at East Bunker Ledge. The fleet started in perfect unison from Bear Island and most competitors were working the Seal Harbor side for slightly better breeze.

The tide had turned and was beginning to flood in the Eastern Way, which put even more of a premium on choosing the shore side of the race course. Gambler and Caribou looked like they were going to walk their boats along the cliffs of East Point at Seal Harbor. Live Yankee was also tightly trading tacks with the valuable current relief and whiffs of northeast breeze along that side. Other boats which took the risk of sailing away from land got farther and farther behind. A long run into Northeast Harbor ensued with some expert crew work to beat back to Bear Island and finally return to Gilpatrick Cove for a finish.

Gambler had a tasteful victory as they will miss the last race of the Series to represent the Northeast Harbor IOD sailors at the World Championship in Sweden next week.

“David and Susan Rockefeller, along with Megan Bourke, Wells Bacon, and Jock Crothers have secured the August Series for 2018. Caribou has a score of 15 so far, and Live Yankee stands at 24. The next closest scores are 35 and 37, so mathematically the leaders cannot be beaten no matter what happens in the last race,” fleet director Fran Charles said. “However, there are many very tight positions which are up for grabs in the Fleet standings. It’s going to be a long cold winter so the heat is turned up for one last race on Saturday.”

Top 10 after 10 races

1 David Rockefeller Caribou

2 Tom Fremont Smith Live Yankee

3 Steve Madeira Auriga

4 John Henry Gambler

5 Ted Madara Moewe

6 Fred Ford j’Ellie Bean

7 Scott Redmon Gosling

8 Peter Ill Siver Spray

9 Rick Echard Firefly

10 Courtney Jenkins Eagle


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