Sailing Scoreboard

Southwest Harbor Fleet

June Series – All boats


Rick Wheeler in Ondine won on Saturday in Southwest Harbor to capture the June Series title. Winds and tide changes provided an exciting day of racing that kept the field tight together.


1        Rick Wheeler

2        Connor Ratcliff

3        David Folger

4        Ken Brookes

5        Art Paine and Alec Fisichella

6        Jim Fernald

7        Tom Rolfes

8        David Conway and David Schoeder

9        Ned Johnson


Northeast Harbor Fleet

MDI Series for Haaland Trophy – Cruising Class


The second race in the MDI Series on Sunday shuffled the standings into a three-way tie for first. The race was hampered by low winds, effectively condemning the last half of the field to stay behind the leaders.

After finishing first last week, Henry Brauer in Fleetwing fell to third and Michael Cook in Lynette rose from third last week to first this week. Ken Weg in Ranger finished second for a second straight week. All are tied in the series so far with four points each.

Joe Weber in Dreadnought, Tom Rolfes in Sidewinder, and Mark Kryder in Scarlett BEE finished fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.


1        Michael Cook

2        Ken Weg

3        Henry Brauer

4        Joe Weber

5        Tom Rolfes

6        Mark Kyder.

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