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Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders August series

Top ten after 4 races

1 Bill Smith Freight Train to Your Love, Baby

2 Connor Ratcliff Surprise

3 Bill Knowlton Fiona

4 Alec Fisichella Ludicrous

5 Henry Brauer Sling Shot

6 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot

7 Jim Fernald SeaBee

8 David Folger Voo Doo

9 Mary and Wells Bacon MaryJane

10 Rick Wheeler Ondine


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Sunday, Aug. 12 was a very busy day on the water. The regular Sunday cruising class race got underway at 1 p.m., followed by the Sunday series Luders and Mercury class racing at 1:30. Then at 1:45, the International One Design fleet joined the fun for their annual singlehanded race for the Commodore Hessenbruch Trophy.


Commodore Hessenbruch

Solo IOD Race

Sunday, Aug. 12

A light east wind last Sunday was a great opportunity for some challenging races and good boat speed in the Commodore Hessenbruch Solo IOD race. Starting from Sargeant Head off Northeast Harbor, the racers headed out to the first windward mark to the east of Seal Harbor at Lewis Rock. Gambler and Eagle jumped the start early and had to return to start correctly. Gambler got back into the fight and led at the top. Eagle made a move on the downwind leg and went to the north of Bear Island to threaten Gambler as they got to the turn at Gilpatrick.

On the second upwind leg Woodie caught Eagle and the boats glided into a finish off Gilpatrick Ledge. John Henry was the solo champ and winner of the Commodore Hessenbruch Trophy for 2018.


1 John Henry Gambler

2 John Roberts Woodie

3 Courtney Jenkins Eagle

4 Peter Ill Silver Spray

5 Mia Thompson Freyja


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Luders Sunday Series

Standings after 12 races


1 David Folger VooDoo

2 David Schoeder and Jeff Lawson North

3 Wells and Mary Bacon MaryJane

4 Pancho Cole Dilli Gaff

5 Scott and Melissa Hirsch Batty

6 Matthew Baird Seawolf

7 Ned Johnston Domino

8 Rick Wheeler Ondine

9 Bill Horner Romp

10 Fred Ford Watermelon

11 Missy Marron Freight Train to your Love, Baby


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Cruising Class

Sunday had a pulse of an east breeze which held, remarkably, for the entire afternoon for the fifth race in the cruising class series.

From just outside the harbor entrance the racers headed off to the first green can east of Islesford. The breeze cranked a little bit left and Dreadnought and Lynnette were off to the races.

The second leg was on a reach. Boats chose the shortest path and weaved their way to the northeast of Bear Island and then cut into the harbor to turn the nun buoy. An interesting reach down to mark “S” followed, with the ebb tide cranking out of the sound. The breeze held left which took many of the tactics away from the second windward leg. Dreadnought stretched her lead and took the cannon off Gilpatrick Cove.


Race 5 results

1 Joe Weber Dreadnought

2 Mike Cook Lynnette

3 Ken Weg Ranger

4 Henry Brauer Fleetwing

5 Andrew Von Hirsch Poppaea

6 Tom Rolfes Sidewinder



Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD class

August series for the Taormina Cup

In the first race Monday afternoon, Ted Madara’s Mouwe got to Lewis Rock’s green can well in front of the rest of the 18 boat fleet of IODs. They had a clean set and sprinted ahead, but cut inside of a nun buoy off Seal Harbor, marking Bowden Ledge, and had to go back.

The rest of the fleet did honor the buoy and after unwinding, Mouwe had lost the lead. Gosling, skippered by Scott Redmon, took over the lead and never relinquished it until the race was concluded at Sutton Island.

The starting line for the second race was moved to Pierce Head to take advantage of the best wind. It appeared that the boats to the left had an immediate advantage on the others but as they sailed farther into Bracy Cove they began to stand up straighter as the boats to their right had more wind and remained dug in charging to windward.

Caribou, Firefly and Live Yankee started farthest right and jumped out in front of the crowd, working better wind pressure. After one lap the race was shortened with Caribou taking the cannon.

The sailors gathered at the Fleet House afterwards for a get together sponsored by the Margaret and Jean Beaulieu and Rick Echard for camaraderie, ice cream sundaes, and live jazz performed by IOD sailors Kevin Elk, Sean Beaulieu and Will Miller.

David Rockefeller was awarded the Eagle Challenge Trophy by Court Jenkins for leading the August Series at its half way point. The trophy is given in memory of Sandro Vitelli who was a very active sailor and contributor to IOD sailing in Northeast Harbor.


Top ten after six races

1 David Rockefeller Caribou

2 Tom Fremont Smith Live Yankee

3 John Henry Gambler

4 Steve Madeira Auriga

5 Courtney Jenkins Eagle

6 Peter Ill Silver Spray

7 Wray Brothers Woodie

8 Rick Echard Firefly

9 Fred Ford j’Ellie Bean

10 Ted Madara Mouwe

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