LEADER OF THE PACK ... Freyja with Mia Thompson at the helm, right, in International One Design racing with the Northeast Harbor Fleet Friday. Thompson won the second race and had a second in the first race to win the day. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing leaderboard

Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders July Series

Friday afternoon featured a seabreeze getting pulled into the mountains from the cool sea to the south. The first race had a flooding current which encouraged the racers to play “touch and tack” along the Manset shoreline out to Seawall.

Eventually the breeze began to diminish as the sailors got farther from the land. It was almost drifting conditions at the first turn and the boats which kept their bows pointed into the current on a starboard tack longest were victorious. Sweet Chariot escaped from the crowd with Mary Jane and Freight Train to your Love, Baby close behind. They stretched it out on their way to victory.

In the second race, the Chariot pulled the trigger a couple of seconds early and had to return to start properly while the rest of the crowd sprinted to windward. The boats were having a fine duel along the Manset shoreline again with the red Ludicrous helmed by Alec Fisichella emerged as the leader. He and Art Paine stretched it out on a long run towards Northeast Harbor. They protected their lead on the second windward leg to Cranberry. Alec and Art held off the hard charging Domino skippered by Ned Johnston with Anne Rhode crewing.

Mary Jane sailed by Wells and Mary Bacon had the best score on the day Friday with a second and third place finishes.


Top 10 after 5 races

1        Alec Fisichella, Art Paine

2        Wells Bacon

3        Ned Johnston

4        Commodore Ken Brookes

5        Jim Fernald

6        Connor Ratcliff, Jack Roberts

7        David Folger

8        Bill Smith

9        Rick Wheeler

10      Andrew Kennedy


Northeast Harbor Fleet

Connie Madeira Pursuit Race

Sunday, July 22


“There was no sitting by the fire for these sailors,” said Fleet Director Fran Charles, who had carefully watched the weather as rain was forecast for Sunday when the pursuit race and raft-up picnic were planned. But nine boats braved the cloudy and foggy conditions and raced in a 15-18 knot east wind.

The Luders Class boats Domino and Ondine started first and all the faster boats were released thereafter to hunt them down. Fleetwing, sailed by Commodore Steve Madeira, came within a half a boat length but couldn’t quite reel in Domino, sailed by Ned Johnston.

The 9.6 mile course started at Gilpatrick Cove and went east past Islesford to East Bunker Ledge. The fleet had a choice of sailing either to north or to south of Sutton Island on a long running leg to the mouth of Southwest Harbor.

Sailors then worked to windward to a flasher between Sutton and Cranberry and enjoyed a broad reach back to Gilpatrick Ledge for the finish.


Madeira pursuit race results

1        Ned Johnston

2        Steve Madeira

3        Ken Weg

4        Rick Wheeler

5        Joe Weber

6        Mary and Wells Bacon

7        Mike Cook

8        Tom Rolfes

9        Andrew von Hirsch


Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD July Series


The breeze was streaky and feeble for Saturday’s racing but the flooding current made it clear which was the favored direction on the upwind legs. “You could go any way you wanted as long as it was right,” Charles said. “Touch ‘n tack all the way along the Manset shoreline before making a break for the mark.”

Freyja with Mia Thompson at the helm won the second race and had a second in the first race to win the day. The second race had the extra difficulty of choosing which way to go around Greening Island on the run to the mouth of the Sound. Freyja had a big lead at the first turn and lost a bit on the run as Live Yankee went towards Southwest Harbor and Freyja held to the east in the flooding current. But the new boat Woodie turned the last buoy first and defended it to take the cannon.

Live Yankee with Tom Fremont Smith took second for the day and there was a three-way tie for third place between Auriga, Gambler and Woodie.

On Monday, 16 boats were on the line for one race after the morning fog cleared. The course was “a quick up and down from Rebecca’s mooring up to the S mark off the Fleet anchorage,” Charles said. “However the second windward leg saw all of the wind evaporate and it was a total drifting match to get to Bear Island.”

Gambler, steered by John Henry, won the drifter after spending almost 10 minutes within three boat lengths of the finish line. Woodie sailed around everyone to the south to sneak in with a second place finish followed by Aurora, Mischief and Freyja.


Top 10 after nine races

1        Gary and Steve Madeira

2        John Henry

3        Sean Beaulieu

4        John Roberts

5        Tom Fremont Smith

6        Scott Redmon

7        Mia Thompson

8        Fred Ford

9        Rick Echard

10      David Schoeder


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