From left, Cybele, Dreadnought and Tio Loco battle it out Sunday in the third race of the cruising class MDI Series. Dreadnought beat out Tio Loco this week and stands at third in the series. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES 

Sailing Leaderboard 

Northeast Harbor Fleet 

IOD Class 

July Series for the Rockefeller Trophy 

The Henry Family consisting of John, Ryder and Jay sealed their victory for the first half of the sailing season in the first race of the day last Monday, July 27. By finishing their Gambler in third place behind Peter Ill in Silver Spray and Rick Echard in Firefly, the Henrys had an insurmountable lead and didn’t need to sail the second race of the day. 

It was a totally wacked breeze on the Great Harbor, Fleet Director Fran Charles said, with bizarre hot blasts licking the water from Southwest Harbor and with cool puffs also being drawn in from the Gulf of Maine over Great Cranberry Island. It was very tough to predict to set a race course and even tougher to sail your boat through the doldrums to the next puff. 

The second race saw J’Ellie Bean with captain Fred Ford nail a perfect mid-line start and then head towards the hot flashes of breeze coming from Manset. The Bean never looked back and stretched its lead to the finish. This locked it into second place over the series. Puff, with Nicholas Schoeder on the tiller, took a secondwhich was Schoeder’s top score of the season, followed closely by his dad, David Schoeder, in Dakota. Firefly took fourth in the race but won the daily score. 

Sofie Dowling, the youngest skipper in the series, showed the oldsters that they better sharpen up their game as she intends to be back and take some silver home, too,” Charles said. Dowling’s friends from the Mount Desert Island High School team, Nate Ingebritson, Alec Fisichella and Connor Ratcliffwere part of the regular afterguard in finishing in third place for July and also are doing their best to traumatize their eldersThey have already made plans to win the August Series…” 


Final standings

Riley Donahue, middle row, was the winner of the Frederic C. Towers Jr. Memorial Trophy in the Mount Desert Island Community Sailing Center’s Junior July Series. Lily Allen was runner up and Cam Graham finished third in the 15-race series with seven participants. Lucas and Nate Ingebritson, back row, ran the races. PHOTO COURTESY OF MDICSC

1 John Henry Gambler 

2 Fred Ford J’Ellie Bean 

3 Sofie Dowling Mischief 

4 Mia Thompson Freyja 

5 David Schoeder Dakota 

6 Rick Echard Firefly 

7 David Rockefeller Caribou 

8 Syd Roberts Satin Doll 


9 Ted Madara Moewe 

10 Nicholas Schoeder & Puff 

Sean Smith 

11 Peter Ill Silver Spray 

12 John Sullivan Pippa 

13 NEHSS youth The Magic Bus 

14 Jean Burden Cygnet 

15 Madeira Family Auriga 

16 Tyler Steel Dram 

17 LCYC youth Earl 



Northeast Harbor Fleet 

Luders Class 

July Series 


Final standings 

1 Bill Smith Freight Train to Your Love, Baby 

2 Ned Johnston Domino 

3 David Folger VooDoo 

4 Alec Fisichella  Ludicrous 

Art Paine 

5 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot 

6 Jim Fernald Sea Bee 

7 Chris and Carolyn Slingshot 


8 Rick Wheeler Ondine 

9 Leif Heimbold Triad 

10 Hirsch Family Batty 

11 David Schoeder North 

12 Skye Ehrhart Watermelon 

13 Pancho Cole Dilli Gaff 


Northeast Harbor Fleet 

Cruising class 

MDI Series for the Carol and Gordon Haaland Trophy 


Joe Weber and his team on Dreadnought grabbed the long race victory from The Madeira and Brauer clans on Tio Loco in the third race of the MDI Series this week by a slim margin of 11 seconds after 17.6 miles of racing. 

Sunday was a fun summer day with a good lick of fog thrown in to keep everything interesting,” Charles said. Starting from just east of Greening Island, the fleet headed out around Little Duck Island and then sailed northeast to Baker Island and worked their way back into the Great Harbor. All boats headed south of Sutton Island on their journeys to Gilpatrick Ledge with a short closehauled leg after dousing the spinnaker to a windward finish. 


Standings after three races 

1 Mike Cook Lynnette 

2 Steve Madeira  Tio Loco 

Henry Brauer 

3 Joe Weber Dreadnought 

4 Ken Weg Ranger 

5 Tom Rolfes Sidewinder 

6 David Rockefeller Cybele 

7 Chris Hopkins Watermark 

8 Craig Kennedy Whimbrel 

9 Bonny and Peter  Ohana 


10 John Roberts Lark 

10 Ted Madara Flirt 

10 Wells and Mary Bacon Antares 

10 Peter Howard Mockingbird 

Liz Graves

Liz Graves

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Former Islander reporter and editor Liz Graves grew up in California and came to Maine as a schooner sailor.

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