Nine boats braved the fog and chill Sunday for the first all-fleet pursuit race of the season. The Henry Reath Trophy went to Ken Weg, skipper of Ranger. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

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Northeast Harbor Fleet 

IOD and Luders July 4th Series for the Harry Madeira Trophy (IOD) and David Schoeder Trophy (Luders) 

July 3-4 

Friday was a gorgeous day that had an east wind with a firm bite in its teeth. The forecast was for the breeze to clock to the southeast during the day; that really didn’t happen much, but the breeze moderated to 8-12 knots for the second race of the day. Eight boats in both classes came out to race and enjoy some fun sailing on the Great Harbor of MDI. 

The tide was ebbing all afternoon and the course was set from Mark Q at Spurling Point on Cranberry for both races. Luders Class competitors used spinnakers in the first race and IOD competitors were held back from setting chutes in the first of the two races. Positions were very tight with loads of lateral separation on the runs down into the Manset shoreline and Fleet Mark D. 

Gambler, helmed by John Henry, took the first race and Auriga, sailed by Steve Madira, claimed the second victory of the afternoon. The Chief would have been pleased to know that, despite the virus, sailboat racing was offering a very welcome experience for all who ventured out. In the Luders Class, racing for the David Schoeder Trophy, VooDoo, sailed by David Folger, took the first race and Domino, sailed by Ned Johnston, grabbed the second race and the series lead going into Saturday’s finale. 

Saturday was a Downeast sort of day with fog that didn’t even come close to burning off, and then it dropped the temps into the 50s and cut right through everything you could wear. A southerly breeze at 5-8 knots was a bit spotty at first but settled in and backed to the left as the afternoon wore on. 

It was wonderful to see so many allfamily boats on the race course and the helmsperson job being passed around, too,” Fleet Director Fran Charles said. 

Gambler recovered from a challenging start by working to the Manset shore first and then crossing back towards Great Cranberry on its long windward leg out the Western Way. Caribou, with the Rockefeller family, was close on its heels, along with Auriga and the Madeira family. 

The fleet of sailboats was close, with every competitor still within striking distance. Magic Bus made its move jibing on the lifts and working the left (Great Cranberry) side of the second upwind leg. Gambler, sailed by John and Jay Henry with Scott Lawliss, took the gun and the inaugural Harry Madeira Trophy. 

In the Luders 16 Class racing, VooDoo, sailed by Dave Folger and Auria Mauras, led all the way around the course with the Smith Family in Freight Train to Your Love, Baby very close on its heels along with the everthreatening Ned Johnston in his Domino. 

On the long 2.5mile run to the finish Otto, Gracyn and dad, Bill Smith, had some fancy footwork and danced around everyone to get the gun. VooDoo held off the Domino to finish second and win the tie-breaker on points to capture the first series of the summer season. 

Special awards for the series included first All Family Boats, Freight Train to Your Love Baby in the Luders 16 Class and Auriga in the IOD ClassMost Senior Average Age onboard went to Ondine for the Luders 16s and Dakota for the IODs. The youngest average age boats were North (Luders) and Freyja (IOD). 


4th of July Series for the Harry Madeira Trophy 

IOD Class 

1 John Henry 

2 Steve Madeira 

3 David Rockefeller 

4 Rick Echard 

5 Nicholas Schoeder 

6 Mia Thompson 

7 Gretchen Sullivan 

8 Syd Roberts Rockefeller 

9 David Schoeder 


Luders class 

4th of July Series for David Schoeder Trophy 

1 David Folger 

2 Ned Johnston 

3 Bill Smith 

4 Jim Fernald 

5 Ken Brookes 

6 Rick Wheeler 

7 Alec Fisichella 

8 Leif Heimbold 


Northeast Harbor Fleet 

Pursuit race for the Henry Reath Trophy 

July 5 

The forecast for Sunday was very discouraging. Fog and rain were abundant in the morning hours but that couldn’t hold back nine boats with anxious competitors from enjoying a fun sail in a very tight race around the Cranberries in light breezes. 

At noon, the fog vanished, rain showers ended and a light southeast breeze filled the Great Harbor. The pursuit race for the Henry Reath Trophy is open to all keelboats 20 feet and longer. Different start times corrected various potential boat speeds at the start. Slower boats went first with the longer and faster boats starting up to 46 minutes later. 

Ned Johnston rushed back from morning DJ duties at WERU to sail his Luders 16 Domino first off the start. The ocean swell offshore was running strong enough to make the Luders disappear behind the waves. Dakota, expertly sailed by Auria Mauras, rounded Baker Island behind Domino followed closely by Tom Rolfes team in Sidewinder. 

Dreadnought was next with Lynnette and Ranger right on its heels. Domino’s lead was solid until the boats had left Baker Island to port and were returning into the Great Harbor at Islesford. The tall masts of the larger boats could reach high into the stronger breeze aloft. 

With an ebb tide running against the breeze, the sailors needed to turn the boat closer to the apparent wind to sail a ‘hot angle’ to get their enormous spinnakers to pull them downwind. 

Lynnette, sailed by Commodore Mike Cook, broke through into the lead but sailed into some doldrums. Dreadnought and Sidewinder had similar issues staying out of the light wind holes. 

Ken Weg kept Ranger heated up and moving fast. They broke through the other competitors and tucked into the Islesford shore to get some current relief as well. After breaking free from the trees of Little Cranberry, Ranger took the freshly filling breeze from the Pool and Great Cranberry to extend its victory gap to the finish line. 

Lynnette tried to catch up, but had no passing lanes in the now steady breeze of the Great Harbor. Cybele, helmed by David Rockefeller, sailed north of Sutton Island and picked off Sidewinder and Dreadnought on its return passage to Gilpatrick Cove. 

A warm fire was well earned by all competitors on the first All Fleet Pursuit Race of the season. 



1 Ranger Ken Weg 

2 Lynnette Mike Cook 

3 Cybele David Rockefeller 

4 Sidewinder Tom Rolfes 

5 Dreadnought Joe Weber 

6 Dakota Auria Mauras 

7 Domino Ned Johnston 

8 Watermark The Hopkins Family 

9 Halcyon The Weber Family 


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