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Northeast Harbor Fleet, IOD Class

August series for the Taormina Cup

In a reversal of a regular weather pattern Saturday, the warm land breeze blew into the harbor early but eventually gave up its strength to the cool breeze and fog which was sitting ready to pounce just outside the Cranberries.

Tom Fremont Smith steered his Live Yankee to a victory in the first race, just in front of David Rockefeller in Caribou. In the second race, John Henry nailed a nice start, which let the Gambler control the crowd towards the cool breeze freshening off the Great Cranberry shore. All of the racers were very tight around the race track with many positions changing on every leg. Ted Madara in Moewe and David Folger in Dakota had some remarkable passes.

A course change was called in the middle of the first race Monday when the breeze shifted to west-southwest. The boats all rounded Cranberry within a minute of each other as the action was tight. Caribou broke its headstay and the mast raked aft but didn’t break. Freyja, sailed by Mia Thompson, grabbed the lead and never relinquished it again.

In the afternoon race the breeze piped up to 15-18 knots but held in direction. Freyja won the race to Manset, but Silver Spray sailed by Peter Ill reeled in Thompson on the second leg and snuck to the inside of the turn at Seal Harbor. The crew of Silver Spray stretched their lead out to over a minute ahead of Gambler helmed by John Henry, who fought back from the back of the crowd to contend.

Top 10 after 4 races

1        John Henry Gambler

2        Peter Ill       Silver Spray

3        Tom Fremont Smith      Live Yankee

4        Mia Thompson    Freyja

5        David Folger        Dakota

6        David Rockefeller Caribou

7        Fred Ford   J’Ellie Bean

8        Nicholas Schoeder         Puff

9        Ted Madara          Moewe

10      Gary Madeira       Auriga

Northeast Harbor Fleet, Cruising Class

MDI Series for the Haaland Trophy

Race 3 of the series for the Carol Haaland Trophy was Sunday afternoon. Ranger nabbed its first bullet of the series, followed by Dreadnought and Lynnette. Several boats are tied in the standings so far.

Standings after 3 races

1        Ken Weg     Ranger

2        Joe Weber   Dreadnought

3        Tom Rolfes Sidewinder

4        Mike Cook  Lynnette

5        Peter and Bonny Rogers          Ohana

6        Hentry Brauer and Steve Madeira    Fleetwing

7        Mark Kryder        Scarlett BEE

7        Peter Horneffer     Beckon

9        Robert Long         Mimicat

10      Chris Hopkins      Watermark

11      Wells Bacon         Antares

12      Andrew von Hirsch       Poppaea

12      David Rockefeller Cybele

Northeast Harbor Fleet

Luders 16 Sunday Series

Five races were completed in the series this week, held in the Great Harbor between Cranberry and Southwest Harbor on short courses with rapid-fire sailing all afternoon. The dynamic duo of Mary and Wells Bacon burned up the competition in their MaryJane.

Standings after 8 races

1        Wells Bacon         MaryJane

2        Ned Johnston       Domino

3        David Folger        VooDoo

4        Scott Hirsch         Batty

5        Bill Smith   Freight Train to your Love

6        Pancho Cole         Dilli Gaff

7        Bill Horner Romp

8        Fred Ford   Watermellon

Southwest Harbor Fleet, Luders 16 Class

August Series

Wells and Mary Bacon fought hard to win the day over a tough Luders 16 fleet on a sunny afternoon with shifty breezes Friday. The green boat started well in the first race and worked the wind shifts to a duel with Henry Brauer and Andrew Kennedy in their Slingshot.

The second race had a huge wind shift towards Cranberry Island during the starting sequence but the boats got freed up from each other and raced out to the end of Seaview and Mark L. Matthew Baird in Seawolf had the race in the bag but missed sailing through the finish line and went around leaving the buoy to starboard instead of to port. Jim Fernald was happy to oblige by taking first place.

Top 10 after two races
1        Wells Bacon         Mary Jane

2        Henry Brauer       Slingshot

3        Franny Charles    Seabiscuit

4        Jim Fernald Sea Bee

5        Mattew Baird       Seawolf

6        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

7        Pancho Cole         Voo Doo

8        Alec Fisichella and Riley Donahue    Surprise

9        Fred Ford   Watermellon

10      Rick Wheeler        Ondine


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