Sean Beaulieu shows off the spinnaker action on Biscuit, a Pisces built by his family's Classic Boat Shop in Bernard, at Sunday's Great Harbor Dream pursuit race. He finished third in the race, behind two Luders skippered by Art Paine and Ned Johnston. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Sailing Leaderboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet

IOD Class

July Series for the

Rockefeller Trophy

On Saturday, Peter Ill in Silver Spray and Tom Fremont Smith in Live Yankee were back after several races away. Each had one bullet and one second-place finish on the day. Third place went to Sean Beaulieu in the first race and Alec Fisichella in the second race.

In the final two races in the July series Monday, Silvery Spray and Live Yankee again each won one race. David Rockefeller in Caribou and Fred Ford in J’Ellie Bean were the runners up in the two races.


Final results

1        John Henry Gambler

2        Alec Fisichella & MDICSC youth     Moewe

3        Mia Thompson    Freyja

4        David Folger        Dakota

5        Rick Echard         Firefly

6        Sean Beaulieu       Aurora

7        Gary Madeira       Auriga

8        Nicholas Schoeder         Puff

9        Fred Ford   J’Ellie Bean

10      Bill Dowling         Mischief

11      Sydney Roberts Rockefeller    Satin Doll

12      Jack Roberts and Scott Redmon       Woodie

13      Tom Fremont Smith      Live Yankee

14      Peter Ill       Silver Spray

15      Courtney Jenkins and Conner Ratcliff                 Eagle

16      NEHSS Youth     Magic Bus

17      Jean Burden         Cygnet

18      David Rockefeller          Caribou

19      Little Cranberry Youth  Earl

20      John Sullivan       Pippa


Great Harbor Dream

Pursuit Race

Fourteen boats enjoyed stellar sailing conditions Sunday as they circumnavigated the Cranberry Islands to help bring attention to the cooperative efforts of all the local sailing clubs to assist the MDI High School Sailing Team for 2019 and into 2020.

Breeze was a spectacular 12-17 knots earlier in the day but faded a bit to 7-10 knots as the larger boats started from Great Cranberry Island.

The smaller boats started first and actually had a big advantage as the wind started to decrease in velocity after the smaller boats had escaped clockwise around the Cranberries. Then, the tide began to flood which held the larger boats back even more with adverse current as they thrashed against the lighter wind out the Western Way.

The wily Art Paine sailed without a spinnaker and raced ahead of the bigger boats and could never be reeled in by the fleet of competitors. He sailed to the south side of Sutton Island on the way back to Gilpatrick Cove and some chose to sail north but, he had enough of a gap to sustain the victory.


Final results

1        Art Paine    Ludicrous

2        Ned Johnston       Domino

3        Sean Beaulieu       Biscuit

4        Alec Fisichella      Surprise

5        Tom Rolfes          Sidewinder

6        Mike Cook           Lynnette

7        Wells Bacon         Antares

8        Mark Kryder        Scarlet BEE

9        Scott Hirsch                   Batty

10      Steven Ribble       Titrivate

11      Robert Long         Mimicat

12      David Rockefeller Cybele

13      Saha Sakharov     Magic Bus

14      Peter Rogers         Ohana


Southwest Harbor Fleet

Luders Class July Series

In races No. 7 and 8 in the series Friday, Art Paine’s Ludicrous nabbed both bullets, moving him four points past Domino in the standings.

Freight Train to Your Love took second place in the first race and Watermellon was second in the second race.


Top 10 after eight races

1        Art Paine    Ludicrous

2        Ned Johnston       Domino

3        Otto Smith  Freight Train to Your Love, Baby

4        Wells Bacon         Mary Jane

5        Ken Brookes        Sweet Chariot

6        David Folger        VooDoo

7        Jim Fernald          Sea Bee

8        Andrew Kennedy Slingshot

9        Rick Wheeler        Ondine

10      Fred Ford   Watermellon

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