Art Paine's Ludicrous approaches the finish line in the first race June 29 in the Southwest Harbor Fleet's Luders class series. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

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Southwest Harbor Fleet June Luders Series

On Sunday, June 22, the sun was trying hard to dry out all the sogginess but as the atmosphere heated up, the thunderstorms started to blossom. A rather large event passed just to the east a little before scheduled start time and whisked away most of the northwest breeze with it.

It began to fill again with a tinge of westerly so the sailors were sent out on a weather leg towards Norwood Cove. Eventually the cold front breeze pressed back in and brought some gnarliness along with gusts in the 20-25 knot range.

Jim Fernald in SeaBee got to the windward mark first and the gap closed as the followers brought more breeze along with them. Art Paine gybed first and demonstrated excellent spinnaker work by Alec Fisichella to pass MaryJane and close in on SeaBee.

SeaBee was starting to roll from rail to rail but trimmed in a bit and steadied everything out to secure the victory.

Weather continued to deteriorate after the finish and then the storm cells started changing direction. It was safer to be on a mooring, so further racing was abandoned for the afternoon.

The following Sunday, June 29, two light air races with barely a ripple were actually quite close and competitive all around the race course. A thick and then thin overcast sky was gray in the sky and gray on the water.

Starting off Gilpatrick Ledge, the sailors headed off to Bear Island and Mark W for their first race. Tom Rolfes sailing Palladin got there first but headed north towards Northeast Harbor.

The Brookes Family in Sweet Chariot rounded the buoy in last place but gybed out towards Sutton Island and picked up some fresh east wind. They snaked their way through the other competitors to win.

The second battle featured a downwind start to mark S with a fairly strong ebb tide holding everyone back. Ludicrous had a great start and headed over to the shore to get current relief. VooDoo also tried to get into the mooring field to sail in less adverse current coming out of Somes Sound. Ludicrous was first at the turn but VooDoo was too fast to hold back.

Dave Folger was looking safe until Art Paine in his Ludicrous along with Wells Bacon in MaryJane got a fresh breeze and almost pulled the rug out.


Standings after four races

1 Art Paine Ludicrous

2 Wells Bacon MaryJane

3 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot

4 David Folger VooDo

5 Jim Fernald SeaBee

6 Tom Rolfes Palladin

7 Rick Wheeler Ondine

8 Bill Horner Romp


Northeast Harbor Fleet Cruising Class

June 30, the first day of racing for the cruising class, was a miserable day, with little wind and a faint ghost of a breeze originally from the northeast then backing into the northwest.

The northwest breeze at least rippled the water and both boats were stoic to hang with it for a couple of hours in the rain.

Joe Weber in his Dreadnought led by a very small margin at the first windward mark then completely stretched away from the snake Sidewinder off the breeze. They never looked back and kept gaining more and more every leg of the course.

“Let’s hope for sunshine and fair breezes next weekend for the Henry T Reath Trophy July 7 which is pursuit style from mark Q with the slowest boat starting at 1 p.m.,” Fleet Director Fran Charles said. “Quite a few folks who had not gotten their 2019 phrf certificates got 2 day turnaround this week and are now in compliance. It’s easy to do and just reach out to any of of us if you need assistance. You must be rated to be a competitor this year as the RC will not and can not assign ratings.”

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