Ned Johnston’s Gosling wins the IOD Class July Series 2022 handily. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

Rookies win IOD Class July Series 2022 

It was a boat rodeo out on the Great Harbor July 30, with Magic Bus riding the waves to victory.

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND — A fresh westerly breeze that clocked farther into the northwest as the afternoon wore on made for challenging and adventurous sailing on the Great Harbor Saturday, July 30.  

Sixteen boats were schooled by the youngest skipper in the fleet as Terra Ehrhart, along with her SS crew, steered Magic Bus to victory. The remarkably consistent Gosling, steered by Bar Harbor’s Ned Johnston, squeaked in a second-place finish over Live Yankee and Gambler in the first race. 

The second battle of the afternoon had all boats perfectly lined up evenly with the breeze beginning to freshen up. Commodore Mia Thompson worked the right side in Freyja and sprinted ahead of the snarling pack to a gigantic lead on the windward leg from Rice Point to the Manset shoreline. Freyja began to stretch that lead even more on a long broad reach to Seal Harbor under spinnaker sails.  

All competitors were directed to sail up to Gilpatrick Cove for their second windward leg of the race and then a short run back to Sutton Island for a finish. The breeze had freshened and the puffs oscillated between being “fanlike” and “streaky.”  

Dr. David Sugarman is all smiles at the finish line.

Freyja laughed all the way to victory with the rookies in Gosling finishing second and winning the IOD Class July Series by a 23-point margin. 

World Champion Tom Fremont-Smith broke through to second overall just ahead of J’Ellie Bean, sailed by Fred Ford, and Thompson’s Freyja.  

Overall July Series top 12 

  1. Ned Johnston, Bill Smith, Otto Smith, Stephen Linscott, Alex Donahue – Gosling 
  2. Thomas Fremont-Smith – Live Yankee
  3. Fred Ford, Ryan Donahue, Riley Donahue, Hewlett Kent – J’EllieBean
  4. Mia Thompson, Lisa Brown Ehrhart, Andrew Kennedy, Alison “Beetle” Schafer – Freyja
  5. John Henry, Tyler Steel, Jay Henry, Emily Wesson – Gambler
  6. David Rockefeller – Caribou
  7. David Schoeder – Dakota
  8. Gary Madeira, Steve Madeira – Auriga
  9. Alec Fisichella – Woodie
  10. Rick Echard – Firefly
  11. Charles Wray – Icicle 
  12. Jean Burden – Cygnet 

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