Patty Staples, the owner of the Happy Clam Shack in Bar Harbor, holds Blueberry, a bright blue lobster, at her seafood spot. The lobster is headed to the aquarium in Boston, she said. ISLANDER PHOTO BY ETHAN GENTER

Rare lobsters head to aquariums 

STONINGTON — “Ghosty,” the rare white and blue lobster that was pulled up by 12-year-old Northeast Harbor lobsterman Elli Harbor, has found a new home.  

The lobster made its way to Stonington on Sunday after Elli decided to donate her rare catch to the aquarium at the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries.  

The lobster will be on display at the Discovery Wharf there before it’s released back into the Gulf of Maine, according to the center.  

“The MCCF team would like to thank Elli for donating her rare catch to our education center and wish her a safe and successful season on the water,” the center wrote in its newsletter. 

Elli’s mother said the family was super excited to share him but was also wondering if they might be able to find a more permanent home for the 1.25-pound lobster at the New England Aquarium.  

“Ghosty,” a rare white and blue lobster caught by Elli Hamor, a lobsterman from Northeast Harbor, is on display at the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries in Stonington.

Two other local rare lobsters are headed down to Boston to go on display. 

Blueberry, a bright blue lobster, and Pearl, a whitish lobster, wowed customers since they showed up at the Happy Clam Shack in Bar Harbor, said owner Patty Staples.  

The two were caught by local fishermen in Frenchman Bay and both weighed about 1.5 pounds.  

Staples has had calico lobsters and ones with shades of blue, but this was her first true blue lobster. A biologist was going to give the crustaceans a checkup before they were shipped down to Massachusetts to go on display at the aquarium.  

An official at the Lobster Institute said that blue lobsters are estimated at around 1 in 2 million and are landed at a rate somewhere between 1 in 200 million.  

Ethan Genter

Ethan Genter

Former reporter for the Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander, Ethan covered maritime news and the town of Bar Harbor.

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