• Regulators deny increase in elver quota

    Regulators deny increase in elver quota

    ELLSWORTH — Fisheries regulators voted last week to freeze Maine’s annual landings quota for elvers at its current level, but approved an additional 200-pound quota just for aquaculture. Maine asked to increase its quota by 20 percent, from the current level of 9,688 pounds to 11,749. Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher cited the

  • Sailing leaderboard

    Southwest Harbor Fleet Luders August series Top ten after 4 races 1 Bill Smith Freight Train to Your Love, Baby 2 Connor Ratcliff Surprise 3 Bill Knowlton Fiona 4 Alec Fisichella Ludicrous 5 Henry Brauer Sling Shot 6 Ken Brookes Sweet Chariot 7 Jim Fernald SeaBee 8 David Folger Voo Doo 9 Mary and Wells

  • Goose Cove reopened

    TREMONT — The area around Goose Cove was reopened to shellfish harvesting last week after the Maine Department of Marine Resources said water quality there had met required standards. Nearby Duck Cove remains “restricted,” meaning it’s illegal to harvest clams, quahogs, oysters or mussels from the mudflats, shores or waters there without a special permit.

  • Wild Wild West has wild wild weekend

    Wild Wild West has wild wild weekend

    WINTER HARBOR — In conjunction with its annual Lobster Festival, Winter Harbor has been hosting lobster boat races for 54 years, but somehow the event never seems to get old. Last Saturday morning, 96 boats signed up for the races and, by the time the day was through, there were some remarkably close finishes and

  • 67th Retired Skippers Race set for Saturday

    67th Retired Skippers Race set for Saturday

    CASTINE — Sixty-eight years after two old salts, one from Stonington the other from Bucksport, climbed aboard a couple of sailboats to settle the question of which of the towns produced “real” sailormen, a fleet of perhaps a dozen boats will sail Saturday, weather allowing, in the 67th edition of the Maine Retired Skippers Race.

  • August Cruise a winner, despite not much wind

    August Cruise a winner, despite not much wind

    MOUNT DESERT — The Northeast Harbor Fleet hosted its first overnight cruise and race series in several years Monday and Tuesday, with the boats anchoring or picking up moorings off the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin Monday night. Fleet Director Fran Charles organized a pursuit race for the first day, in which the slower boats

  • Boatworks celebrates new home in Blue Duck

    Boatworks celebrates new home in Blue Duck

    CRANBERRY ISLES — The Islesford community celebrated the beginning of a new chapter for the town’s waterfront Saturday at an open house and fundraiser for Islesford Boatworks in the building known as the Blue Duck. The community boatbuilding organization, which is in its 13th summer, signed a 10-year lease of the building earlier this year

  • Southwest Harbor Fleet names June, July winners

    By Jack Sasner jsasner@mdislander.com   SOUTHWEST HARBOR — The Southwest Harbor Fleet honored winners of June and July races July 27 at its weekly tea at the Brookes residence. For the June series for Luders 16’s first place went to Rick Wheeler. Second place went to David Folger, and the third place trophy was presented

  • Keliher signs off on trawl limit

    ELLSWORTH — A rule limiting to five the number of lobster traps on one trawl in an area encompassing some 300 square miles in the vicinity of Mount Desert Rock was adopted last week by the Maine Department of Marine Resources. The roughly rectangular area, located in waters that are part of Lobster Management Zone

  • Label your small boats

    BOSTON — The Coast Guard is reminding the public to label their kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards with their name and phone number after an influx of cases this summer involving unmanned and adrift paddle-craft. Each time an unmanned and adrift paddle-craft is reported it triggers a search for a person who may be associated