• Making waves

    NEW LONDON, Conn. — The four Mount Desert Island High School students who are preparing for a national sailing competition next month headed to Connecticut this week for a practice day. Alec Fisichella, Lucas Ingebritson, Nate Ingebritson and Jake Peabody were set to practice Tuesday with Will Welles, MDI alum and the son of the

  • Will lobstermen wear life jackets while they work?

    Will lobstermen wear life jackets while they work?

    ELLSWORTH — It’s no secret that commercial fishing can be an extremely dangerous occupation. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Center for Maritime Safety and Health Studies, the rate of fatalities in commercial fishing is more than 30 times higher than the average industrial fatality rate and falling overboard is the

  • New patrol boat joins Marine Patrol fleet

    New patrol boat joins Marine Patrol fleet

    SOUTH PORTLAND — The Maine Marine Patrol launched the newest asset in its fleet Oct. 10 at the South Portland Coast Guard facility, where it will be stationed. Powered by twin 350 horsepower motors and capable of speeds more than 50 knots, the Impact is designed for fisheries and recreational boating enforcement, and maritime security.

  • Shrimp hearings set

    Shrimp hearings set

    ELLSWORTH — Shrimp fishermen — the few that are left, anyway — will be able to weigh in on a proposed change to the rules governing the fishery tentatively approved by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Meeting in Portland earlier this month, the ASMFC’s Northern Shrimp Section approved, subject to public comment, an “addendum”

  • DMR announces new program aimed at salmon recovery

    ELLSWORTH — The Department of Marine Resources has adopted a new program to provide funding for Atlantic salmon recovery work and reduce regulatory hurdles for road and bridge construction projects. The Atlantic Salmon Restoration and Conservation Program gives public and private parties working on road and bridge construction projects the flexibility to pay a fee

  • NOAA scientists admit a gaffe on risk to whales of lobster trap lines

    ELLSWORTH — Late last month, the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center released a “technical memorandum” suggesting that expensive efforts by Maine lobstermen aimed at reducing the risk that endangered North Atlantic right whales and other large whales would become entangled in vertical buoy lines had backfired. According to the memorandum, issued just before a

  • Islanders rally for sunken lobster boat

    Islanders rally for sunken lobster boat

    Updated Oct. 31 CRANBERRY ISLES — Friends of Islesford lobsterman Cory Alley — and perhaps some people who don’t even know him — have contributed more than $26,000 to help him and his family following the sinking of his lobster boat, Under Pressure, on its mooring last Thursday morning, Oct. 24. Alley said a video

  • Lower herring quotas squeeze lobster trade

    Lower herring quotas squeeze lobster trade

    DEER ISLE — For the fishing industry, nothing is as constant as change. Last year, according to the Department of Marine Resources, lobster was Maine’s most valuable fishery with landings of 110,819,760 pounds — the sixth highest ever — worth some $450,799,283. Despite all the talk about high-value species such as scallops and elvers, according to

  • MDI wins in high winds

    MDI wins in high winds

    BOOTHBAY HARBOR — The high school sailors representing the Mount Desert Island Community Sailing Center took first place Saturday in the third and final regatta of the Pen Bay League’s fall season. Alec Fisichella, Lucas Ingebritson, Nate Ingebritson, Sylvester Mays and Joe Minutolo sailed for MDI, edging second-place Boothbay by two points with their final

  • New home for Bayside Documentation

    New home for Bayside Documentation

    ELLSWORTH — The jump from processing insurance claims to registering new vessel ownership with the U.S. Coast Guard may seem a long one, but for Susan Brown, owner of the Bayside Documentation Co., the transition was natural and successful. More than two decades ago, Brown moved to Downeast Maine from Vermont and took a clerical