• Sunday fishing

    AUGUSTA — The Maine Department of Marine Resources is reminding lobstermen that Sunday fishing is allowed beginning Sept. 1 each year, regardless of when the Labor Day holiday falls. Through Sept. 30, raising or hauling traps during the period one half hour after sunset until one half hour before sunrise is prohibited. For the month

  • Lobster industry group lays out objections to whale proposal

    Lobster industry group lays out objections to whale proposal

    KENNEBUNK — It’s not just that proposed federal rules intended to protect endangered right whales from entanglement with fishing gear will be expensive and difficult to implement, industry representatives say. It’s also that they won’t work. That’s the argument Patrice McCarron, executive director of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, made in a letter sent to NOAA

  • Mola mola prevalence linked to warmer water

    Mola mola prevalence linked to warmer water

    BAR HARBOR — Ask a boat cruise naturalist, or just about anyone else who spends time on the water, and he or she will tell you that Mola mola sightings are on the rise this summer. “I had 10 the other day,” said naturalist Bill Townsend. “We usually see one or two at least. They

  • Sailing leaderboard

    Sailing leaderboard

    Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD class August Series for the Taormina Cup Saturday saw the series finale for the Taormina Cup. It was a bright, clear day with an oscillating breeze. Freyja led the way from coast to coast in the day’s single race. “The incredible tightness of final scores is pretty darn amazing,” Fleet Director

  • Shellfish sampling ramps up

    Shellfish sampling ramps up

    By Ari Leach, DMR Biotoxin Monitoring Specialist BOOTHBAY HARBOR — Maine has a long history of monitoring harmful algae that impact the state’s shellfish industry. In 1996 the Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Program run by the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) began tracking the harmful algae Pseudo-nitzschia, a genus of pennate diatoms which range in size

  • Zone council meetings postponed

    Zone council meetings postponed

    AUGUSTA — Last week, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) published a notice that the Lobster Zone Council meetings scheduled for this week to review plans for pending federal right whale regulations had been postponed. In a statement issued Tuesday, DMR is advising the lobster industry that the entire schedule of meetings is currently

  • Boatworks turns to workboats

    Boatworks turns to workboats

    CRANBERRY ISLES — A few raindrops couldn’t dampen the spirits in the historic Blue Duck building on Little Cranberry last Saturday, as Oso Oloroso, the latest Islesford Boatworks boat was cheerfully launched. Spanish for “Stinky Bear,” this was the first boat completed in their new waterfront shop and the program’s fourteenth annual summer launch. It

  • Fishing in the fifties; Bud Trask recalls bygone era

    Fishing in the fifties; Bud Trask recalls bygone era

    TREMONT — The Tremont Historical Society will be hosting a talk by Bud Trask titled “Fishing in the Fifties” on Monday, Aug. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Pacific Hall in West Tremont. He will describe lobster and trawl fishing methods and equipment he and his father employed and take questions from the audience. Trask

  • Sailing Leaderboard

    Sailing Leaderboard

    Northeast Harbor Fleet Cruising Class MDI Series for the Carol and Gordon Haaland Trophy A bit of brightness and a very soft east wind gave all of the competitors hope that we would get a race off on Sunday. However, the curtain came down as the sailors headed towards Islesford and after an hour had