Mussel farm lease renewed 

SORRENTO — Acadia Aqua Farms has been granted a 30-year renewal of a lease of a 32-acre site in Frenchman Bay north of Bean Island in the town of Sorrento for bottom culture of blue mussels. 

The lease renewal was approved by Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher June 16. The company also holds four other leases, with a total acreage in all five leased areas of 156.7 acres. 

Moorings are permitted within the lease site, to be set by the leaseholder in consultation with the mooring owner. The site is to be marked in accordance with Coast Guard and DMR requirements. Boating, recreational fishing and commercial fishing (except dragging) are permitted within the lease site. If the company modifies or increases activity on the site, the lease requires them to consult with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to determine the status of eagle nesting activities on nearby Bean Island. 

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