Mussel Bound seeks new lease

MOUNT DESERT — Mussel Bound, Inc., an aquaculture business led by Erick Swanson, has applied for a new limited-purpose aquaculture lease on a 3.5-acre site in Bartlett Narrows for suspended culture of blue mussels.

A 30-day public comment period, during which interested parties may submit written comments or request a public hearing, ends April 29. Experimental leases do not automatically require a public hearing.

Mussel Bound is also part owner of a larger, 15-acre mussel farm east of Hardwood Island in Tremont. A renewal of that lease site, approved by the Maine Department of Marine Resources in 2017, was appealed by a local conservation group unhappy with the farm’s operations. The Hancock County Superior Court dismissed the appeal in February 2018.

Application materials are available at Contact Cindy Burke at DMR at 624-6567, or contact Swanson directly at 266-1250 or [email protected]

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