Mooring field grant

MOUNT DESERT — The town has received a $5,000 Shore and Harbor Planning Grant from the Maine Department of Marine Resources to help pay the $9,700 cost of realigning the Bartlett’s Landing mooring field in Pretty Marsh.

The Board of Selectmen voted Monday night to accept the grant.

Currently, the mooring field is haphazardly laid out and needs to be reconfigured to accommodate more boats, according to Harbormaster John Lemoine said.

“A real alignment has never been done there; moorings were just plunked here and there with no regard to making as much use of the space as possible,” he said. “We’re looking at making it all nice and neat and to be able to fit in some more moorings.”

He said the mooring field currently can accommodate about 50 boats.

The re-alignment plan is being developed by the GF Johnston & Associates engineering firm. Lemoine said public input will be sought before the plan is finalized. He said the realignment of the mooring field is expected to take place in November.


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