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Disabled boat 

CASTINE — On Dec. 18, Maine Maritime Academy received a call from the U.S. Coast Guard requesting assistance for the F/V Eastern Star, which was reportedly disabled off Cape Rosier in Penobscot Bay. 

MMA employees Captains Dana Willis, Zander Parker and Kelly Gunthorpe prepared MMA’s Addy Rae, a former Coast Guard 41-foot utility boat, and headed out around noon to locate and assist the vessel. 

The team located Eastern Star drifting toward Western Island. Prior to their arrival, several efforts to anchor and restart the engine were unsuccessful. As Addy Rae approached, Eastern Star regained power and proceeded slowly through rough waters toward Bucks Harbor. The crew aboard Addy Rae remained with the vessel until it was safely moored. They returned to Castine just before sunset. 


Fishing rules online 

BAR HARBOR—The Maine Department of Island Fisheries and Wildlife recently issued electronic versions of its summary guides outlining the statewide rules and laws for recreational fishing, boating, hunting and trapping. The digital formats allow those participating in these activities to access laws on the go or while in the field. The guides can be downloaded to a device for later viewing. Information includes legal fishing hours, best practices and applicable laws. To view or download the guides, visit 


NOAA patrol vehicles 

BAR HARBOR—The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) is increasing efforts to help ensure compliance with gear regulations in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic American Lobster Trap/Pot Fishery. OLE is deploying remotelyoperated vehicles that will make inspecting offshore lobster gear more efficient. 

The use of remotelyoperated vehicles has made it possible for OLE to inspect gear without having to physically retrieve the gear. The ROVs are equipped with a video camera, lighting, sonar and a manipulator arm. When deployed, the ROV can detect and record any gear or tag violation from the ocean surface down to the ocean floor. 

For more information about regulations contact Caleb Gilbert, the Northeast Division’s compliance liaison, at (978) 281-9338 or [email protected] 

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