Langley joins lobster board

ELLSWORTH — Brian Langley, owner of the Union River Lobster Pot and a former member of the Maine Legislature, has been appointed to fill a vacant public member seat on the board of directors of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative.

Langley was nominated by the Department of Marine Resources Lobster Advisory Council, a group with members appointed by the Legislature to oversee industry matters. He was then appointed by DMR Commissioner Patrick Keliher.

Langley served one term as a state representative and four terms in the state Senate. There he served on the Marine Resources Committee, the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, the Labor Commerce Research and Economic Development Committee and the Joint Select Committee on Maine’s 21st Century Workforce. Langley also served three terms as the legislative commissioner to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Lobster Collaborative members appointed to the public seat must, by state statute, have experience in marketing and promotion, retail sales, food service or food science.

The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC), established by the Legislature in 2013, is funded by Maine lobster harvesters, dealers and processors with a mission to grow demand for both whole live lobsters and a variety of value-added products.

The collaborative’s board includes 11 voting members, nine of whom are selected by the commissioner. Four seats are occupied by lobstermen, three by representatives from Maine lobster dealers and processors, two are members of the public and two are held by the commissioners of the DMR and the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Currently, there are two open seats on the board including one dealer and one lobsterman seat. In November, another two dealer seats, two lobsterman seats and one public member seat will open. Each of the state’s seven lobster management zones has the opportunity to nominate up to three people for the lobstermen seats. The Lobster Advisory Council nominates people for the public and dealer seats.

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