Luders 16 sailboats jousting in the Great Harbor. PHOTO COURTESY OF TUCKER CHARLES

June Series kicks off the 99th season at the Fleet

NORTHEAST HARBOR — A spectacular sea breeze flooded in through the Western Way and built up picturesque pink cumulus clouds over the rocky terrain of Mount Desert Island June 25. Four boatloads of Luders 16s were rewarded for their hard work in preparing throughout the months of May and June to make the inaugural race of the summer. 

With a breeze at 8-10 knots and a southeast sea breeze, the RC signal boat set up just outside Southwest Harbor. Racers started all bunched together in perfect unison for a very closely contested sail up to the Great Head of Great Cranberry Island. Freight Train arrived first by a boat length with the three other competitor’s boats immediately on their heels. Bill and Otto Smith hung on and extended their margin to take the first race. 

The second race had a two lap leeward-windward course down to the Eastern Point off Greening Island. Everyone was ready for a downwind start, but many pulled the trigger a bit delayed as their timing was not yet developed this season. The Smith Family obliged in another tight race all the way around the hour long race course. The Brookes Family had a hunch that the warm southwest breeze would fill in and they favored the west side of the upwind legs. Unfortunately, there was a header but no puff and the other boats did some steamrolling.  

That warm breeze was licking in for the final start on a race up along the Manset shore to Mark D and back to Greening Island. At about a minute before the start, a cool shot filled from Cranberry and it was enough to carry VooDoo in from the left over Sea Bee and Sweet Chariot who again worked the warmer right side of the course. The warm breeze made the temperature rise at least 15 degrees and the boats which jibed immediately after rounding had an inside track to the finish line. 

David Folger and Auria Mauras took the victory and ended up second for the June Series.  

Congratulations to Bill and Otto Smith who had their bright orange Freight Train to Your Love Baby all revved up for 2022 and took the honors of the June Series. 


Race results 

Luders 16 series 

1 Bill Smith and Otto Smith – Freight Train to Your Love Baby 

2 David Folger and Auria Mauras – VooDoo 

3 Jim Fernald – Sea Bee 

4 Ken Brookes – Sweet Chariot 

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