Gosling leads July Series

NORTHEAST HARBOR — Pea soup fog filled the Great Harbor of Mount Desert Island July 15 with a nice southerly breeze at 5-8 knots. It was a fun day to get those skills practiced for sailing blindfolded.  

The tell tales stuck to the sails and the soup kept dropping dew on the glasses. There was a two-lap race up to Cow Ledge with the signal boat blaring the big air horns to guide competitors back to the leeward gate buoys. 

The racing was incredibly tight with multiple boats overlapped at the finish line. However, Gosling, sailed by rookie Ned Johnston, clearly won the race, nosing out Caribou with David Rockefeller on the helm and Rick Echard with Chloe Vicenty in Firefly. The Gosling team has opened up an 11-point lead in the July Series overall scores. 

The second race of the day was abandoned as the fleet of boats made its way south through the Western Way and the breeze completely evaporated with the water resembling a hockey rink. Everyone can say they were winning the race as nobody could see a thing! 

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