Forum schedule

ROCKPORT — The annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum opens on Thursday, March 5, and runs through Sunday at the Samoset Resort.

In addition to a maritime trade show and dozens of seminars, the Forum includes social activities and a silent auction and dinner that funds a scholarship program for children of fishing families pursuing postsecondary education.

Thursday’s schedule includes a “shellfish focus day,” a day of presentations and workshops on wind energy development in the Gulf of Maine and first aid training.

On Friday, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association will hold its annual meeting. Other sessions focus on the Eastern Maine Skippers Program, herring and scallops. An “open forum with NOAA Fisheries leadership” is also planned.

Saturday’s schedule includes meetings of the state’s alewife harvesters and the pre-season meeting that will set the schedule and rules for the upcoming summer lobster boat racing season.

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