Dreadnought wins Max Warburg Series  

MOUNT DESERT — Dreadnought, sailed expertly by Joe Weber and his regular crew of Kevin Snyder, Brent Sullivan, Bill Dowling, Connor Ratcliff and Steve Linscott, split a pair of races with David Rockefeller’s Cybele, but by winning the second race, the team also won the Max Warburg Trophy Sunday afternoon.  

The entire sailing season of 11 races was on the line for Dreadnought, and its crew was all business trying to prevent the speedier Cybele from breaking away by trailing them with four trips around the Great Harbor.  

In the first race, the mighty Cybele had a breakout from the doldrums off Greening Island and quickly overtook Dreadnought and Sidewinder. All three boats were within a half boat length at the second turn in Southwest Harbor, but Cybele quickly broke free and sprinted for the Cranberry shoreline.  

In this race, the starting times were staggered so the smaller boats started first and the bigger boats were released later and later, depending on their rating. The tiny Dakota, an IOD helmed by David Schoeder, held the lead around 80 percent of the course but the big, fast machines gobbled it up when the breeze got light and dicey.  

In the second race, which was much longer in distance as the breeze had piped into the Great Harbor, the boats all started together and time was “corrected” after finishing the 13.8-mile course.  

In the final standings of the race, Dreadnought won by over four minutes ahead of Rockefeller’s Cybele and was almost 14 minutes ahead of the Sidewinder, sailed by Tom Rolfes.  

The Dreadnought team was awarded the trophy for the 2022 season MDI Series at the finish line. Dreadnought guitars offer a bolder acoustic sound than a standard guitar…this name fits Joe’s team well.  

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