Digital, nautical book club 

SEARSPORT — The Penobscot Marine Museum is hosting a book club on Facebook for discussion of nautical short stories and books that are available for free online. 

“While you’re reading it or after you finish, keep us updated,” organizers saidPost your thoughts, comments, and questions. Share related videos, create thematic memes. Let’s have some fun plus knock a few readings off our list. 

From March 27 through April 16, the book is Richard Henry Dana Jr.’s maritime classic Two Years Before the Mast,” about 25 pages each night. 

From April 17-24, the group will turn to a novel for younger readers, Barbee Oliver Carleton’s “The Secret of Saturday Cove.” The book is set on Penobscot Bay. 

Please wait to post to post your comments until the book is in process or finished. Miss a book but want to chime in? Go ahead and add your comments! 

Find event pages for the group and links to the books on the Penobscot Marine Museum Facebook page. 

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