Clam flat changes

BAR HARBOR — A technical amendment to the town’s shellfish ordinance was set to come before the Town Council this week. The amendment adds language to clarify the process for opening or closing a shellfish harvest area, usually for conservation purposes.

“The process wasn’t really clear in the ordinance. It was worded in a general way,” said Department of Marine Resources biologist Heidi Leighton, who works with the town Marine Resources Committee on the municipal shellfish program. “The committee came to me late last winter and asked what the process was for changing a conservation closure. They decided to clarify it in the ordinance.”

New language requires a change in clam flat status approved by the council to be submitted to the DMR for state approval.

“That’s more of a formality,” Leighton said, “so in case the town skipped a step, we would have the authority to help them fix it.”

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