Tulane University sailor and seasonal Bass Harbor resident Raquel Shulman’s sailing team has won the 2022 College Sailing Women’s National Championship. PHOTO COURTESY OF RAQUEL SHULMAN

Bass Harbor sailor’s college team wins national championship

BASS HARBOR — Sailor and Bass Harbor seasonal resident Raquel Shulman’s sailing team has gone on to win a 2022 national college sailing championship. 

“Nobody in my family sails except me,” said Shulman, who feels sailing is a lifelong, useful sport that everyone should have access to. 

Shulman is from Florida, but her family owns a summer home in Bass Harbor. She started sailing in kindergarten when her mom signed her and her brother up for MDI Community Sailing Center’s junior sailing program.  

“My brother ended up not liking it, but I ended up loving it, so it just stuck,” said Shulman.  

In middle school, Shulman became an instructor-in-training at the sailing center. At that point Shulman knew that sailing would be something bigger for her, so she signed up for her high school sailing team in South Florida.  

“My high school team did pretty well, but we got better after two years,” she said. The 2021 high school graduate went on to attend Tulane University in New Orleans, where she joined the university’s co-ed sailing team. 

In May, Tulane hosted the College Sailing Co-Ed Fleet Racing National Championship at Lake Pontchartrain, where Shulman’s team won the 2022 ICSA Open Dinghy National Championship.  

Shulman raced a small 420 boat in a series of races several times with one other team member during a span of four days.  

“The two-person fleet who finishes first gets a point for that race and whoever has the lowest amount of points at the end of the four days wins,” she said. 

The rising sophomore and English major is grateful for the summers she spent at MDI Community Sailing Center.  

“Without the summer program, I would have never started sailing,” said Shulman, who added that sailing does amazing things for kids. 

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