• Turnaround idea going nowhere

    Turnaround idea going nowhere

    MOUNT DESERT — If you take a boat or trailer to the Otter Cove landing in Otter Creek, you’ll have to back down the narrow, rocky lane from Grover Avenue because there is no room to turn around at the bottom. At the request of Steve Smith and a few other Otter Creek residents, town

  • State closes Fernald Point to clamming

    State closes Fernald Point to clamming

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Town officials are scratching their heads about a reported high bacteria count from May 2017 that caused the state to close the Fernald Cove clam flats in the summer months. According to a report from the Department of Marine Resources, the 28-acre area located between the end of Fernald Point and Connor

  • SWH Fleet

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Commodore Ken Brookes announced Friday that the Southwest Harbor fleet will postpone the beginning of that group’s racing season to Saturday, June 24. Each boat racing in a SWH Fleet race must have a fleet member aboard as skipper or crew. The membership application is available at www.sites.google/site/swhfleet or email [email protected]

  • Boothbay kicks off racing season: Rule changes adopted

    Boothbay kicks off racing season: Rule changes adopted

    ROCKLAND — Maine’s summer lobster boat racing season opened last weekend with turnouts of nearly 50 boats both at Boothbay Harbor on Saturday and at Rockland on Sunday. Both races drew several new boats, including several from Downeast, and both events saw some impressive speed runs, though no records were broken. This year, race organizers

  • Lobster boat races set for Sunday

    Lobster boat races set for Sunday

    TREMONT — Sign up early to get into the eighth annual Lobster Boat Races Sunday in Bass Harbor but try not to be too upset about your prize. “The slowest boat here could end up with the best prize,” race coordinator and fisherman Wayne “Cooly” Rich said Monday. “We do it a bit differently.” Registration

  • Fond farewell for XPO of Station Southwest Harbor

    Fond farewell for XPO of Station Southwest Harbor

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — After his second tour on the Maine coast and a bit of fanfare, Alex Bernier, 31, will head south with his family. Monday was his last official day on the job at the Coast Guard station here. At a ceremony, Bernier, the station’s executive petty officer, was awarded the Coast Guard Commendation

  • Town shellfish, oyster rules

    Town shellfish, oyster rules

    AUGUSTA — The Maine Department of Marine resources is taking comment on proposed rule changes affecting oyster harvesters and municipal shellfish conservation programs A new minimum size for American oysters is proposed, 2.5 inches with a 10 percent tolerance. An exception is provided for aquaculturists who take or possess undersize oysters from their lease or

  • Clam flat closure to be lifted soon

    Clam flat closure to be lifted soon

    AUGUSTA — A section of the Jordan River between Trenton and Lamoine was closed to shellfish harvesting late last month by the Maine Department of Marine Resources after what it said was “the identification of a pollution point source.” Pam Parker, water enforcement manager with the Maine Department of Environment Protection, said Tuesday that the

  • Downeast aquaculture research gets funding

    ELLSWORTH — Maine Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research’s (EPSCoR) Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network (SEANET) is funding two projects in Washington County aimed at better understanding the effects of environmental change and management policies on soft-shell clams and Atlantic sea scallops. “The goal of SEANET’s mini-grant program is to respond rapidly to aquaculture R&D needs

  • Students share research on Maine fisheries’ future

    Students share research on Maine fisheries’ future

    ELLSWORTH — Students from eight Downeast high schools gathered at The Grand on May 24 for the final presentations of their projects from the yearlong Eastern Maine Skippers Program. The event was well-attended, with an audience of parents, friends, siblings and a panel of distinguished judges listening attentively as students from each school outlined fisheries-related