Water system repairs finished

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — The water treatment plant here is operating normally after being shut down most of last week for repairs.

Steve Kenney, manager of the Southwest Harbor Water and Sewer District, said Tuesday that there had been some “glitches” in the system since the plant went back online on Friday, April 29, but those issues have been fixed, and there have been no further interruptions of service.

An electric power surge is believed to have caused water pressures to rise to the point that a pipe broke inside the plant sometime around 5 p.m. on Monday, April 25. The parts needed did not arrive until Thursday, and repairs were completed on Friday. To keep customers supplied with water, Splash Trucking of Turner was hired to transport water from a hydrant in Bar Harbor to the treatment plant.

Kenney said he estimates the tanker trucks, which hold 8,000 gallons, delivered 420,000 gallons of water to the plant during the four days they were operating. Bar Harbor will bill the district for the water.

Kenney said he was unsure about what the final bill will be for repairs and the purchase and transportation of water. Some of the expenses had not been tallied as of Tuesday. The district has insurance through the Maine Municipal Association that is expected to cover most of the cost, he said.

During the crisis, customers were asked to reduce their use of the public water system. It appears that customers complied with the request, Kenney said.

About 250,000 gallons are used daily this time of year, Kenney said. He estimates that customers were using about 30 percent less than this amount daily while the plant was shut down.





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