Voters approve zoning changes

TRENTON — In a low-turnout special town meting Tuesday, residents unanimously approved zoning changes intended to make land development easier for property owners.

The change will allow property owners to subdivide lots so long as they have a 20-foot-wide easement running from the street to the lot. The previous rule prevented lots with 200 feet or less of road frontage from being subdivided, no matter how large the acreage.

Residents were interested to know why the road frontage rule was first put into place.

“At one point a lot of these regulations were created a little stricter because they were trying to slow down development. This was standard in the 90s when things were really booming,” said Angela Chamberlain, the town’s code enforcement officer.

One resident was concerned that this change to town development standards would rapidly increase development in Trenton.

“I don’t think people will be using this as a means to develop six or seven lots. That’s probably not realistic,” said Chamberlain. “There are still other standards that have to apply. Just relaxing this one will not bring an onslaught of development.”

Two other changes, adding setback rules for smaller buildings not previously included in the ordinance and clarifying competing definitions of lot with, were also approved.

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